Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Government's Gambling Hypocrisy

Source: Liberty Pen-
Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Government's Gambling Hypocrisy

Prohibition of gambling to me is a perfect example of what big government is. Because what is big government and what is it about. I believe Neoconservatives and the Christian-Right see big government as about money and the welfare state. And high tax rates are about funding big government, but that regulating how people live their own lives. Like how they can spend their own money and what they can watch and read to use as examples. The New-Right sees big government as being about national security because government is used there to protect people from themselves and the state. But thats not what  big government is about.

Big government is about power. Money is just the instrument to fund power, the power to control how free people live their own lives. What free adults do with their own lives with their own time and money. And prohibition of gambling is the poster child of big government, controlling what free adults do with their own time and money. There are a couple of problems with this.

For one, the big government problem but also the double standard of it. Because a lot of states already have legalize gambling, its just not private gambling but public gambling. In the form of state lottery's. A lot of States don't mind gambling if they can receive a profit from it. Putting money in the stock market is also a form of gambling but thats legal anywhere in America. There of course is also some skill involved there but its also a form of gambling.

Again I've made this point over and over but to pat myself on the back and to make it again because its so true. If people want to do something bad enough, they find a way to do it. Without regards to the consequences and they might not even be addicted to whatever they want to do with their own time and money. They may just really enjoy what they are doing. Feel its worth the risk or they won't get caught. Gambling is a perfect example of that. Instead of breaking into private homes to break up poker games in someone's living rooms or basements, why don't they break up murder for hire rings, or get rapists or con artists off the street. Better for society because we would be safer and better for the economy to have less con artists and thieves on the street.

Just because you prohibit gambling in one state, doesn't end it. It just means its done differently and behind closed doors in back rooms tax free. Any fan of big government should hate the idea of people profiting tax free, or its done in other states. People can't gamble in New York, so they drive down to New Jersey to gamble there. Money leaves the Empire State and heads down to the Garden State where New Jersey collects taxes off of it. To help pay for their roads, schools, public safety, etc.

Instead of trying to protect people from themselves and contracting our economic and tax base by outlawing other activities, lets instead decriminalize things like gambling and other activities. If you read my blog you know what those other activities are and regulate how people interact with each other instead. Expand our economic and tax base and have more revenue to actually put away dangerous criminals instead.