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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

John Stossel: "Government's Ponzi Scheme": Give me a break!

A "Ponzi Scheme" as I see it is where people put a lot of money into a fund or give someone a lot of money or any money. Being told they are going to get some benefit from it and then believing that. Like putting money into property or a business and seeing it go belly up. Bernie Maddof and his scandal of 2008 and before that is an excellent example of that. Medicare and Social Security have its issues, even progressives and socialists are now acknowledging this. But we pay into both of them and have been doing this since 1933 or 34 when Social Security was created. And 1965 with Medicare and everyone who's paid into them and is eligible to collect from them has. So where's the "Ponzi Scheme", now if we don't reform them, people in my Generation X. Won't be able to collect from them because the money won't be there. And then Social Security and Medicare will indeed become "Ponzi Schemes" but we are not there yet. Just ask GOV Rick Perry of Texas who of course is running for President. Who despite his faults, I still consider him the Top Contender to Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential Nomination. And how the term "Ponzi Scheme" has helped him, going into September he looked like the natural Frontrunner. And then of course he uses the term "Ponzi Scheme" to describe Social Security and Medicare. As well as calling then Unconstitutional and his Presidential Campaign has plummeted ever since. Because Senior Citizens especially and others know better then Social Security and Medicare being some sort of "Ponzi Schemes".

The way to prevent Social Security and Medicare from becoming "Ponzi Schemes", is simply reform them. By fixing the financing in both programs. Have wealthier people pay more into them and take less out of them. Because they wouldn't be hurt by them and have them take less out of them or turn them into Welfare Insurance Programs. Just for the people who need them, that alone would fix the financing of both programs. Gary Johnson even though he's a republican running for President, is ideologically a Liberal Libertarian running for President. My politics are actually pretty similar, has an idea that would transfer Social Security and Medicare. And our other Social Insurance Programs. Like Medicaid, Food Assistance, Unemployment Insurance and others over to the States. This alone would save the financing of these programs, at least from the side of the Federal Government. Because they would no longer have to run them, Gary Johnson used to be Governor of Mexico. So he has an idea of how this would work, I like that idea but I would go even farther then that. And turn these programs into Semi Private Non Profit Tightly Regulated Community Service Programs. Designed to help and empower the people who need them.

If your going to call Social Security and Medicare "Ponzi Schemes", you should at least know what that term means. And if you know what that term means and you still use that term. To describe Social Security and Medicare, then your just using that term for Partisan Advantage. Because you don't believe in those programs to begin with and may say whatever you can. To turn people against those programs and get people to support your ideas instead.