Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, November 21, 2011

Judge Andrew Napolitano: "Who Is Better Off Now?": The Road to Victory

If the economy is the same today or worse by the time American Voters get around to deciding who to vote for President in 2012. And the Presidential Election is about the economy and President Obama. Then the President is going to lose, only way he gets elected under those conditions. Is if the Republican Party nominates Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain someone who won't be able to appeal to Independent Voters because they look dangerous. Independent Voters will decide who will win the Presidential Election because all of the talk from the Far Left flank of the Democratic Party about running a Primary Challenger. Thats not going to happen and they know that, President Obama will have all the money in the Democratic Party to run for President. And Progressive Democrats (to be nice) understand this and they'll probably support the President and Vice President Biden as well. And the Obama Campaign understands this as well, the Obama Campaign will probably raise a billions dollars or so. To run for reelection and no one else will come close and will have the Democratic Party behind him. Without any primary's while the Republican Party is deciding who will be their Presidential Nominee. The safest bet is Mitt Romney but he hasn't closed the sale yet. The Right and Far Right especially the Tea Party and Religious Right still doesn't trust him. Libertarians want Ron Paul to run for President for them and offer he's going to have a hard time turning down. And a Libertarian Presidential Campaign will take votes away from the Republican Presidential Candidate. Because some of them are affiliated with the Tea Party.

The President's Road to Victory is to convince American Voters that even though you may not be better off. Today then you were four years ago, your better off now then you would've been. Had President Bush served four more years, the man he inherited these problems from. And your better off today then you would've been had Sen. John McCain been elected President. And where I want to take the country and how I would do that, is better then where my opponent would take the country. I cut your taxes several times, I cut taxes and regulations for Small Business's several times. I signed a Healthcare Law that if the Supreme Court upholds, will give 30M americans who currently don't have Health Insurance. Health Insurance because they'll be able to afford it, I'm bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, two wars I inherited. We are going to create a National Infrastructure Bank and rebuild our Public Infrastructure, all these things are happening under my watch. We as a country are now growing as an economy and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. And things are getting better and all of these things are happening, wouldn't of happened the last four years had their been a Republican President. This is a tough sale for President Obama but his best plan to get reelected.

If the 2012 Presidential Election is about the economy and "are you better off today then you were four years ago". Again unless the President is running against Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain, he aint getting reelected. But if its about the problems that we had to deal with were so large and serious. That it takes more then four years to recover and things are starting to get better under President Obama's watch. And with the Republican Party not able to nominate someone that the whole party can get behind. Then I like the President's chances of getting reelected, especially if the economy starts improving. With Economic and Job Growth.