Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, November 11, 2011

"Privatized Prisons and Prison Labor Is Slavery?": Making People Property is Slavery

The plus's of Private Prisons is that the Corrections System in America are way too expensive. But then a question should be asked, why are our prisons so expensive. And that if you privatize the prisons and privatize the prisons that are made in the future. You can save Tax Payers money, because that would be one less thing that the State has to run and pay for. I agree that our Corrections Systems are way too expensive and again why are they so expensive. I would argue that our prisons are way too expensive because we arrest too many people. For things that they shouldn't be arrested for, things that shouldn't be illegal and arrest people for things. That if we just handled those offenders differently, out of prison meaning. Like with how we handle our Drug Offenders, the users meaning. Sending Drug Addicts to prison for feeding their Drug Addiction is an expensive proposition. And something we don't have to do and pay for and we could handle better. Like through Drug Rehab and Halfway Houses at their expense, private Drug Rehab and Halfway Houses as well. That are secure enough to deal with these what I would call clients. Another problem with our Criminal Justice System is that we have what Libertarian Commentator Milton Friedman. Called "Bad laws", we arrest people for what they do to themselves rather then what they do to each other. The War on Drugs is a perfect example of this, which is one reason why marijuana should be decriminalized. We arrest people for gambling their own money, for paying people for sex and accepting money for sex.

We have too many people in prison in America because we don't have enough liberty. We arrest people for too many things, we don't have enough liberty we have "Bad Laws". The number one job in America at least the number one job for Public Prisons. Is to keep the inmates inside until their time is up and to have a secure prison. For the staff that works there and for the inmates who are doing their time. The number one job for Free Enterprise is to make money. And when that comes to prisons, that means having as many inmates as possible. Keeping as many inmates in prison as possible and as long as possible. And getting the State to pay as much money as possible to house those inmates. Again I agree that our prisons are too expensive and need to be reformed but there good and bad ways to do that. The way to reform our Corrections System is to get rid of our "Bad Laws". And force our inmates to earn their keep instead of giving them things. Make them pay for their Room and Board, return Prison Industry's and put them to work. And give them the Prison Jobs that would otherwise be contracted out to the inmates. And pay them for the work that they do at Market Rate, so they can pay for their time. Send money to their victims and send money to their families. Especially the Long Timers.

If you look at the Role of Government and I'm a Liberal Democrat and I believe the Role of Government is very limited. But Public Safety is a huge part of it and as far as I'm concern the number one Role of Government. Public Safety is not about Profit Motive but doing what it takes to protect society. From criminals, terrorists and Foreign Invaders, not keeping people and as many people as possible. In prison as long as possible to make as much money as possible. Which is the job of Private Enterprise which should be their job and I agree with that. But not when it comes to Public Safety.