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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ron Paul 2008-ABC News: Terry Moran Interviewing U.S. Representative Ron Paul- "I Just Don't Want To Run Third-Party"

Source: ABC News- U.S. Representative Ron Paul-
Source: Ron Paul 2008-ABC News: Terry Moran Interviewing U.S. Representative Ron Paul- " I Just Don't Want To Run Third-Party"

Unless you're a hard-core Ron Paul supporting Classical Libertarian, you're smart and sane enough to understand that Representative Ron Paul will be never be President of the United States. He probably won't even win his own State of Texas in the Republican primary. Thats just a fact, a Classical Libertarian running for President in the Republican Party that's dominated by the Religious Right that will decide whether the Republican nominee can be elected President of the United States, the Neoconservative movement which has lost steam in the Republican Party thanks to the George W Bush Administration, but they'll still be able to influence the next Republican President's foreign policy. Especially if we have a Republican President in 2013. And these are two factions that of course are anti-libertarian and pro at least a certain form of big government, which of course goes against every belief of libertarianism.

I believe Representative Paul understands these things and is actually not running for President to be elected President. But of course he would take the job if he's elected, but to help build the Libertarian Movement. And let Americans know that there's a different option out there, that it's not just about Democrats and Republicans. Or socialism coming from the Far-Left, or authoritarianism coming from the Far-Right. That there are enough voters out there who are truly anti-big government and want to be left alone to live their lives. And Representative Paul understands this and is going after these voters. And I believe this is the Libertarian Movement that Representative Paul is trying to build. So after around April 2012 or so after the Republican Party has nominated who will be their nominee for President, Ron Paul needs to strongly consider, or actually not give up his presidential campaign. But go after the Libertarian Party nomination for President and they'll take him with his views on the issues.

Ron Paul's ability to raise money and command national media Attention as we see in this video. And push the Libertarian ticket as far as he can and help the LP  recruit Congressional as well as state and local candidates for public office. Select someone like Jesse Ventura or Gary Johnson or John Huntsman as his Vice Presidential nominee. Both former Governor's and people that could be the standard bearer for the Libertarian Party in 2016. That could help Representative Paul build the Libertarian Party and broader Libertarian Movement in the future. With Ron Paul's ability to raise money, maybe he gets 5-10% of the presidential vote and gets in the presidential debates. And maybe they can recruit people like Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Rand Paul, (Ron's son obviously) or Senator Mike Lee. All Republican Senators with strong libertarian leanings. The future of the Libertarian Movement I believe is in the Libertarian Party, from 1972-88 70% of libertarians voted Republican. Today that's now 46%, recruit those Libertarians who vote Republican into a new and improved Libertarian Party. And then maybe ten years from now, instead of the Libertarian Party being the largest third party in America, its a third party that wins elections. Local, state and even to Congress. And can nominate a presidential candidate that can at least influence the presidential election. Because of all the new people that it brings to the Libertarian Party.