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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ron Paul 2008: U.S. Representative Ron Paul- "Save Social Security by Cutting Spending"

Source: Ron Paul 2008-U.S. Representative Ron Paul, R, Texas-
Source: Ron Paul 2008: U.S. Representative Ron Paul- "Save Social Security by Cutting Spending"

I'm actually not that far off from Ron Paul on his fiscal policy plan, but I'm closer to Gary Johnson on fiscal policy. I believe in saving the current entitlement programs for the senior citizens who need it. But reforming and restructuring them for everyone else and my plan gets to decentralization of all of our social insurance programs. Which is similar to Gary Johnson who I consider to be a Liberal Libertarian who is running for President in the Republican Party. Where Ron Paul is a Classical Libertarian running for President in the Republican Party. My fiscal policy is similar to Governor Johnson who block grants hands all of our social insurance programs over to the states to run. Where under my plan that would happen in the short-term. But only for the states to set up their own social insurance systems, that would include Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Public Housing, Food Assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance and others.

And then turn these programs into semi-private non-profit independent self-financed community services. To help the people that are eligible for them, which saves the Federal Government around 2T$. Because they would no longer have to run them and it would also save the states billions of dollars as well because they would no longer have to run them as well. And then close our foreign bases oversees that are in developed nations. And demand that those countries defend themselves and bring those troops home. And then we could wipe out the Federal deficit and start paying down the Federal debt. Whatever entitlement reform that we pass, cannot hurt the people who are currently dependent on those programs for their survival. So we can't hurt them, but at the same time make these programs stronger. So we can maintain them and they are there and stronger for my generation and people younger in the future.

And the way to do this is to have a strong economy and to encourage people to take care of themselves better. So they aren't as dependent on these programs, if dependent on them at all. Planning their own retirement with what I call Social Security Plus, with again each state would be able to set up their own system. Where people would be able to put additional money away in their own personal retirement account. That would be matched by their employer and they can take money out of their paychecks or whatever side income they may have. Like investments and other income, that would be tax free as long as they don't spend that money until they are eligible to retire. As well as setting up personal unemployment insurance accounts, or PUIA, that again people could put their own money into, that would be matched by their employer. Again each state would set up their own system and the same thing with health insurance.

Allowing senior citizens to purchase other health insurance or set up a health savings account. As far as paying down our debt and deficit as far as just doing those things, it's fairly simple. A lot of that can simply be done through reforming the Federal Government. The problem is political with all these special interest groups that either don't want any reform, or only see reform done their way or else and or else means supporting the politicians opponent. Or recruiting someone else to run against them, pulling their financial support. And most politicians are looking to get reelected which makes it very difficult for them to reform anything with broad support.