Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vicente Fox: "US must Legalize Narcotics to stop violence": How to end the Drug War

If you look at the War on Drugs in America, thats just one country where this war is fought. Its also fought in Mexico and Central America as well, as Caribbean and farther South in South America, especially in Columbia and Peru. This is both a North and South American War, where Drug Addicts are treated like criminals instead of patients. So if one of these countries were to reform their part of the War on Drugs to be more efficient in it. That would be great for their country but the war would still be fought in those other countries. Unless there's some type of International Treaty or something in how this war is fought. Both America and Mexico fight this war mainly through Law Enforcement and Mexico's case they use their military as well. Similar case is Columbia and we all been fighting our part of this war for forty years or more. And haven't accomplished a damn thing, in America narcotics are more available now then they were in 1971. We now have more Narcotics Addicts and Drug Offenders and I'm talking about the users. Then we had forty years ago and just too look at Mexico which is a country that should already be a Developed Nation. But why isn't it, Organize Crime with the Mexican Mafia and other groups and their involvement in narcotics. Their own Narcotics Addicts in Mexico and corruption of their Federal Government and a lot of that has to do with the War on Drugs. They are all interrelated.

So what should America do on its end, first Decriminalize Marijuana and regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. And then when it comes to heroin, cocaine and meth, treat the users and addicts like the patients that they are. Send them to Drug Rehab and Halfway Houses private even at their expense. So they can get their lives turned around, this way we could collapse the Narcotics Market and the Narcotics Dealers would have customers to sell their dope to. Costing them money and hopefully putting them out of business at least eventually. Transfer our Drug Offenders that are in prison today for using cocaine, heroin and meth. Who have solid Prison Records to Drug Rehab and later Halfway Houses, again at their expense. And pardon the Drug Offenders who are in prison for possessing, using or selling marijuana. Get all of these Non Violent Offenders out of prison and save that space for actual Dangerous Criminals. Saving our Law Enforcement and Corrections Systems so many resources that could be put to better use. And then work with our allies in the Failed War on Drugs to set up similar policy's. And work with them to get to share intelligence to keep cocaine, heroin and meth out of our countries in the first place.

Like with anything in life that people want, if they want it bad enough, they'll find away to get it no matter the consequences. Thats what addiction is about, even if that means losing their job, starving, going homeless. Stealing or going to prison, so its more then time that we realize this basic fact. And try to teach these people that are addicted to cocaine, heroin and meth that they shouldn't want dope. And stop treating people like criminals just because they are involved with a drug. Thats not more dangerous then alcohol and tobacco, meaning marijuana. And regulate those activities instead.