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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welfare: Ezra Taft Benseon 1968: What's the Role of Government

If you want to talk about the Welfare State or Redistribution of Wealth or socialism, you should at least know what those terms mean. The Welfare State take Europe lets use Sweden because they seem to have the most famous or infamous depending on your perspective. Welfare State in the World, a Welfare State is a collection of Social Insurance programs provided for by government. To serve the people, in Sweden that means, Public Education, Public Healthcare, Public Health Insurance, Public Pension, generous Public Unemployment Insurance etc. All provided for by the Federal Government financed by high Tax Rates and other taxes. Redistribution of Wealth or how that term is used in American Politics for partisan purposes. Is when money is forcefully taken from someone, generally someone with a lot of money. To give to people without much money and struggling just to survive. The problem is when conservatives and libertarians use the term Redistribution of Wealth. They don't mention or are unaware that the definition of Redistribution of Wealth is to take money from one area to give to another. The Gas Tax is Redistribution of Wealth, taxing one area to build bridges and roads and repair those things in another area. The Payroll Tax is Redistribution of Wealth taxing workers Pay Checks to fund the Social Security and Medicare of others. Anytime you take money from one area to give another area, your Redistributing Wealth. Socialism the classical definition, the State owning the Means of Production in Society meaning all enterprise. But there's more then one term, another term of socialism is Social Services provided for by government.

The question is not whether we have a Welfare State or a Safety Net and they are different. Or Redistribution of Wealth or socialism or not. We've already decided as a country that we are going to have these things. But the remaining question is how much of it are we going to have, to what degree and to what expense. And how are we going to finance it, now me personally I prefer a Safety Net. That again is a collection of Social Insurance Programs but are just there for the people who need them. Run at the Local Level by Non Profit Community Services not by the Federal Government. But with all levels of government regulating them and these programs being designed to help get themselves on their feet. As long as we have government we'll have at least some level of Redistribution of Wealth and socialism in America. But the question is how of it are we going to have and how are we going to finance it. Now for me I believe its time we reexamine what the role of the Federal Government is in America. And exactly what the US Constitution allows for it to do and what we want it to do in this country. And we'll make some progress in 2012 with that when the US Supreme Court takes up the 2010 Affordable Care Act. And whether its Constitutional or not.

If your not a fan of a Welfare State, Redistribution of Wealth or socialism, then you'll like my definition of the Role of Government. To protect, defend, Foreign Policy, infrastructure and regulate. And as far as the Welfare Clause, turning our Safety Net over to the States to be turned into. Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services. Designed to help the people who need them to get themselves on their feet. Not to take care of them which is different and if you like low Tax Rates, you'll also like my definition of the Role of Government as well. And thats really what this whole debate is about.