Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Why Spending Cuts are All Talk": Nick Gillespie Explains on Freedom Watch: What we should do instead

Nick Gillespie of the Reason Organization is right, cutting increases in the Federal Budget or the rate of growth in Spending Increases. Is not Budget Cuts, what's a Budget Cut, this is what was spent here last year. And this year we are going to spend less then here then what we spent there last year. That what a Budget Cut is, not well we are suppose to increase the spending here 5% but what we are going to do is spend 4% more instead. Progressive Democrats again to be nice, are so Freaked Out by any form of Budget Cut in Government. Thats not related to National Security or Tax Cuts, that they call cuts to increases in Government Spending. When your still spending more then you did before just not as much more Budget Cuts. Which is pure either ignorance or Partisan Spin on their part. The reason the Congressional Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction failed. Is because it was designed to fail perhaps intentionally, because the Leadership in both parties only appointed members to the committee. That would defend their Party Line going in and were not there to compromise, I mean just look at the Chairman of the Committee. Patty Murray Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Jeb Henserling Chairman of the House Republican Conference, basically their Chief Spokesperson. And Political Strategist, if this committee was designed to succeed, they would've appointed people to it. From Congress in both parties evenly divided, that were there to work out and agreement on Deficit Reduction that would work. Where everything is on the table, its that simple.

The Bowls-Simpson Deficit Reduction Committee I believe succeeded because it was designed to succeed. Everything was on table and they came up with solutions across the board to get the debt and deficit under control. Defense Budget, Entitlement Reform, Tax Reform and Government Reform. Which is exactly why they are so unpopular with the Far Left and Far Right. But on that committee you have Dick Durbin the Deputy Leader of the Senate. One of the strongest if not strongest Liberal Democrats in Congress, someone who I'm a big fan of , agreeing with. Sen. Tom Coeburn one of the most Fiscally Conservative Members of Congress. They both voted for the Bowls-Simpson plan and both paid a price for it to some extent. We won't get a Deficit Reduction Agreement under this current Political Climate. This is something that only a General Election can decide, where one party does so well. That they have the power to put their plan through Congress and get it signed into law. Because they both control the White House and Congress with strong enough majority's to put their plan through. Washington is so partisan and divided right now that this is an issue that only General Elections can decide and what they are for to solve these issues.

If you want a committee to especially thats made up of two parties that can't even agree on the taste of water. You have to find those people who'll know going in that they need to reach an agreement. That thats the only choice they have, to compromise to compromise but work out an agreement that works. Thats a good plan that would work, thats better then splitting the difference and better then doing nothing. That you take what's good about both sides and throw out the garbage in both sides. Into a Final Agreement that can work and is better then doing nothing.