Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, December 12, 2011

Campaign In 100 Seconds: "Midnight Gambler": Out of Touch

The last thing that Mitt Romney needed with both Newt Gingrich who more and more looks like the favorite. To win the GOP Nomination for President and with Ron Paul also on his tail. Flip Flopper now trails both Gingrich and Paul in Iowa, was another bad mistake something else to make him look more out of touch with Working Class Voters. Especially in a State like Iowa where basically the whole State is Blue Collar, even the Religious Right there. The 10K$ bet he proposed to Rick Perry Saturday Night on whether Romney supports or supported a Federal Healthcare Mandate. Was his George HW Bush 1992 looking at his watch moment in the debate. Who am I and what am I doing here moment, Mitt Romney's appeal is that he's electable. That he's a solid Economic and Foreign Policy Conservative that can win Independent Voters. You don't win Independent Voters who tend to be Middle Class and can't afford to make 10K$ bets casually. By doing things like that. In 1994 Ted Kennedy when they were opponents for Sen. Kennedy's Senate Seat. Said that Romney wasn't Pro Choice on abortion but Multiple Choice. Seventeen years later that line still hurts Romney with positions he's changed his mind on. Four years ago Mike Huckabee, who I might not even agree with on the weather. But who has an excellent Sense of Humor, said that Romney looks like the guy who fired me or my father something like that, the big bad CEO. And now he has all of this baggage, talk about Newt Gingrich's baggage, you don't have enough bags to store the baggage of either Newt or Mitt. Plus he's Flip Flopper and now the causal bet.

Mitt Romney on paper is the strongest Republican Presidential Candidate the GOP has in a General Election. If he can get the Republican Party fully behind him, working and voting for him. Because he's solid on both Economic and Foreign Policy in the GOP but liberal enough on Social Issues. That he wouldn't scare Independent Voters plus he was Governor of a major Democratic State. To go along with having a very solid record in the Private Sector and not being addicted to Congress. He's clearly an outsider to Washington as well as with the Tea Party and Religious Right of the Republican Party. Plus he's very intelligent and can speak to and debate all of the major issues that the country faces. Which is why I don't like him because he could beat President Obama in the Presidential Election and would beat him. If the economy is not clearly improving with strong Economic and Job Growth. With a strong economy but or at least solid improvements in the economy, the President beats Romney 52-48. Where the election comes down to three States but with a sluggish economy, Mitt could win the election 55-45 win 35 plus States. But he has to get the Republican Nomination first and stop shooting his foot off until he runs out of toes. And in this campaign alone he's shot off two toes alone, "Corporations are People" back in Iowa and the 10K$ bet.

The way the Republican Party knocks off Flip Flopper who they clearly don't like, like how kids feel about their Evil Stepmother. That their father married, at least half of them. Because he'll say just about whatever he needs to, to help him politically. Is by beating him in Iowa and New Hampshire. That means someone other then Mitt wins those first two contests. Gingrich or Paul in both contests with the other winning the other State or one of them winning both States. And then the GOP would be able to knock out Flip Flopper in South Carolina. If Mitt wins either Iowa or New Hampshire, he's still the favorye to win the Republican Nomination.