Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Ending the Global Drug War": Voices from the Front Lines: People to Listen to

When people on the Front Line of the War on Drugs, the so called "Drug Warriors", say that the War on Drugs is failing or failed. We should listen to these people because they are fighting the War on Drugs for us. They are our "Drug Warriors" who fight this Failed War for us that was declared by President Nixon forty years ago. And all we've gotten out of this War is 1T$ spent and turning Drug Addicts into criminals and throwing people in prison for what they do to themselves. Even if they haven't hurt anyone else with what they are doing. Thats exactly what Big Government is about whether it comes from the Far Left or Far Right. In the War on Drugs case the Far Right, Big Government is about power, the Power of Government to be able to control how its own people live their lives. Some people especially on the Right who tend to be Economic Libertarians. But not Libertarian on Social Issues, say Big Government is about money, take a lot of peoples money away from them. For the government to control in order to control society and make people dependent on Big Government. But money is just the tool, a big tool but a tool to Finance the Power of Big Government. The War on Drugs case in point its all about power the power for Big Government to control how individuals live their own lives.

The War on Drugs is stupid and counterproductive because criminalizes people for what they do to themselves. Which has had a major negative impact on our Criminal Justice System with all the overcrowded jails and prisons we now have as a result. And its hypocritical because it allows people to use drugs that are just as if not more dangerous then marijuana. First of all my answer to the War on Drugs and what I would do instead. Is not go from a system where all of these narcotics are illegal. Except for alcohol and tobacco, to a system where everything is legal, because of the negative effects it would have on our Healthcare System. Thats already way to expensive but what I would do is Legalize Marijuana but then Regulate it like Alcohol. 21 or over to smoke, grow or sell, can't operate as a doctor or vehicles while high etc. And then criminalize people who break these laws like we would criminalize people. For drinking, selling or making alcohol underage and without a license. Get the Bad Actors out of the system and let the people who comply with the Drug laws go about their business. And then instead of sending people and addicts who use heroin, cocaine, met etc, force them into Drug Rehab instead at their expense. We would save a lot of money and space in out Criminal Justice System with an approach like this.

Just because you make something illegal and government says its the wrong thing to do. Doesn't mean it goes away, it just means it goes underground if there's a market for it. Again the War on Drugs case in point narcotics are now more available in 2011 going into 2012 then they were in 1971. When the United States officially Declared War on Drugs, its time we recognize this and change course in how we deal with narcotics. Before we lose any more lives with this misplaced War on Drugs.