Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jack Hunter: The Great Neo-Con- 'Libertarianism Isn't Conservative'

Source: Jack Hunter-
Source: Jack Hunter: The Great Neo-Con- 'Libertarianism Isn't Conservative'

Actually, I agree with Neoconservatives that say libertarianism isn't conservative and its certainly not part of the modern conservative movement. Libertarianism is clearly not neoconservative and part of that movement which a lot of modern Conservatives are today, along with Religious Conservatives. Who tend to be statist except for when it comes to the welfare state, to me any way.

I'm a liberal, so it might sound strange hearing me speak up for conservatism especially in this very partisan environment. Where you have the two major political parties trying to destroy the other to obtain absolute power. These so-called modern Conservatives aren't actually conservative as far as I'm concern and as far as a lot of Conservative-Libertarians and Libertarians are concern as well. But Religious Conservatives in America who are basically Christian Theocrats, are authoritarians and statists wanting to use the Federal Government and in Michigan the state government there, to protect people from themselves.

Statists on the Far-Right, got this idea that free societies are dangerous when people are free to live their own lives. And you need government to police people from themselves. Just like people who are called modern Liberals aren't Liberals. Because they are Statist as well when it comes to economic policy as well as gun control and free speech. People who are called modern Liberals are basically Democratic Socialists and in some cases Neo-Communists, if not Communists all together.

Libertarianism to me anyway is basically a diverse political ideology. With Classical Libertarians like Ron Paul, who are basically anti-government and basically just one step away from being anarchists. Then you have Conservative Libertarians who are very worried about governmental power especially power coming from the Federal Government. But aren't anti-government. They do believe in things like law and order, they just don't want government trying to protect people from themselves. And tend to be tougher on foreign policy as well, but that civil liberties are also important in national security.

Conservative Libertarians like Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan, Bill Buckley and others. And there also Liberal Libertarians like Gary Johnson and I would add Jon Huntsman to that list. Who are also very worried about governmental power, especially coming from the Federal Government. Who don't believe in dismantling the safety net but would like to see more competition as well as privatization in it. And that the Federal Government shouldn't be running the safety net and trying to solve every problem on its own. I'm pretty close to being a Liberal Libertarian myself.

Conservatism to me at least in a political sense, is about conserving individual freedom, individual rights, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. Letting free people live their own lives in a free society. Its not just about national security and even using government to protect people so much, like looking after what they read and who they talk to and locking suspects up indefinitely, because you're worried they might be found innocent. And not just about economic liberty as well. But its the whole ballpark when it comes to individual liberty. The right of free people to live their own lives freely in a free society. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with what they are doing. If you look at the word Conservative, it means someone who believes in conserving. And in a free society that means conserving freedom. Something so-called Religious and Neoconservatives don't understand.