Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, December 2, 2011

"Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved": Public Social Insurance Gone Wild

What is the role of a Safety Net and again I emphasize the term Safety Net which is different from a Welfare State. Safety Net to catch people who fall through the cracks of the economy. Not to encourage people to fall through those cracks, a Welfare State is basically designed to take care of people. So when you have a Safety Net, the idea is to have as many Working Adults as possible taking care of themselves. And being Self Sufficient, not quitting their jobs even if they are Low Skilled to go on Public Assistance. And not be expected to work again and for the people who don't have the skills to be Self Sufficient. And are physically and mentally capable of working, empower those people to get themselves the skills. That they need in order to get a good job so they can take care of themselves and their families. Not encourage people to quit their jobs, especially people with kids to go on Public Assistance. Not pay people more on Public Assistance then they would collect in the Private Sector. Based on the skills that they have for working, which is why I believe Welfare and Unemployment Insurance. Should pay less then the people on these programs would've made with a job. So these people have as much incentive as possible to go out, go back to school and get a job. People should not be making a good living collecting Public Assistance, thats just there to help people sustain themselves when they are in need. Not take care of them so they don't feel the need to go back to work and earn a living.

What we should do instead is reform our entire Social Insurance System in America and with the debt and deficit we face. That we are going to have to address, this is the best time to do that. To get our debt and deficit under control and cut some of the expenses of the Federal Government. First by getting the Safety Net off of the backs of the Federal Government and the Federal Budget. By turing all of our Social Insurance Services over to the States in the short term. Not to be eliminated because all of them perform a critical roles and are needed. But to be run closer to the people and so Congress and the Administration can't mess with them. And to cut some of the Red Tape so they don't have to call Washington for permission to make reforms. And then the States would set up their own Social Insurance Systems but then tern their Social Insurance Services, that are affiliated with the Federal Government. Over to the Private Sector to be turned into Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services. And the Federal, State and Local Governments would serve as regulators with all of these Community Services. That are only in the business to help people in need sustain themselves but also empower them to get themselves on their feet. That would have to meet basic Federal Standards in how they operate.

People who aren't eligible to receive Public Assistance, shouldn't receive it obviously. People shouldn't be encouraged to quit their jobs to collect Public Assistance instead. Public Assistance is for people that need it for whatever reasons can't take care of themselves. And its there to help while they are in need and help them get up on their feet. So they become Self Sufficient and can take care of themselves and their families. Not to be paid out to people who don't need this assistance and not to encourage people who are taking care of themselves. To quit their jobs and go on Public Assistance.