Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Liberty Pen: Tom Woods- Restoring American Federalism

Source: Liberty Pen- Tom Woods-
Source: Liberty Pen: Tom Woods- Restoring American Federalism

If you look at what limited government and what federalism is, it's about limiting what government can do. Which is how we protect our constitutional and individual rights.

So government couldn't break in our house with out a search warrant or for no reason. Couldn't take our property away from us, force us to live somewhere. In an attempt to limit how big government can be how much authority it has.

So Individuals have the individual liberty to make these own decisions in how they live their own lives. And limit the Federal Government to what authority it has in the U.S. Constitution and leave the rest of the power up to state and local government's as well as the private sector to make these decisions. To prevent the Federal Government from doing things just because they believe it's a good idea. And by limiting what the Federal Government can do, which is one thing that Limited Government is about. We can limit the amount of money that they can take from us by limiting its growth.

That's why limited government is so important, to figure out what the Federal Government should do. And giving it the resources to do those things in a fiscally responsible way, because it simply can't do everything. It's not very good at the things that it does right now, like the so called War on Poverty excellent example of that.

We are defending countries around the world that have the resources to defend themselves.

We have Federal departments that can't be audited we don't know the size of their budgets.

If we really have a limited government and technically we still do because our Federal courts have thrown out some of the laws that Congress has passed making government even bigger as unconstitutional, but what we really need is a more limited government. Get back to the U.S. Constitution and figure out what the Commerce Clause means. Because Congress and the administration always use the Commerce Clause to justify new laws and programs.

And then also figure out what the Federal Government should be doing and then only limit it to those things and nothing else. Cut back, eliminate things that it shouldn't be doing that they are currently doing. Or pass them down to the states, or Privatize them and turn them into non profits.

Which is what I would like to do with the safety net including the big entitlement programs. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. For me my limited government as far as the Federal Government is concern, would be national security, foreign policy, interstate law enforcement, control of the currency and Regulation. The Federal Government is very good at national security, foreign policy and interstate law enforcement. Use to go a good job of regulating when regulations were simple and could be understood. So so great with currency right now with the FED. Limit the Federal Government and eliminate a lot of the junk it does now, privatize the safety net to be run as non-profit community services.

A more limited Federal Government and Federalist system and using the safety net to empower low-income workers and low-skilled non-workers, would be a big boost to the non-profit community service sector. Send more power back to the states like with emergency management so this can be in place as soon as it needed. And you can have enough resources on the ground when they are needed. Instead of having to call Washington for reinforcements, we could have a much more efficient and affordable Federal Government. And be able to keep our taxes down by limiting Governmental Power. I've blogged this before, but is very important. Not in favor or interested in small government or big government. But ab effective limited government at all levels doing only the things that we need it to do that they have the constitutional authority to do. And fund it with the taxes that it needs to perform those services well that is consistent with a strong growing economy. Which would be smaller than your typical social democracy, or authoritarian regime. But bigger than essentially having no government at all.