Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michael Parenti: "Wealth Creates Poverty": Production Creates Wealth

The best way to have the best economy possible, is to have an Economic System that creates the right Infrastructure Investment. For one so people can get around and be safe doing it but also it creates jobs. And benefits the Manufacturing Industry because supplies will be needed to do those projects. You also need an Education System that can produce as many Educated Workers as possible so a lot of people can be qualified for good jobs. You also need a lot Individual Liberty in the System so people can have the Liberty to go out, get a good job start their own business's. And be as productive as possible to make as good of a living as possible. You need some type of Safety Net to help people get back to work and help them survive while they are down. It doesn't have to be Centrally Controlled but it has to be sufficient enough to get the job done and be Financially Affordable. You need a Tax Code thats fair and doesn't take too much money out of the economy and is simple. You need Foreign Trade so you can sell as many products as possible to as many customers as possible. To produce as much wealth as possible to create as many jobs as possible. And you have to be able to regulate well enough to punish and prevent abuses in the system but not regulate too much. That you make it difficult for company's to comply and stay in business, spending a lot of money on lawyers and so fourth.

You need all of these things in an Economic System for it to be successful. And these are things that America as a country use to do very well that we've gotten away from. Apparently Michael Parenti is arguing that wealth creates poverty, a socialist couldn't of said that any better. But its not true, what creates poverty, is a lack of education and infrastructure and under regulation. Spend some time in a Third World country or even spend some time in some of the poor States in America or poor areas. And you'll know exactly what I mean and the answer to bringing down poverty, we'll never eliminate poverty. But we can bring it down to a much lower level, is by creating more wealth. Through Infrastructure Investment and Education in the under served areas, so those people can get the skills that they need. And be able to get around and be able to build their own wealth, you don't eliminate poverty just through Welfare Checks. All those do which is important, is help sustain people while they are still living in poverty. How they get out of poverty is through Education so they can get themselves on their feet and again create their own wealth.

Unless your a socialist American Capitalism is a great thing because it allows people to take out of the system what they put into it. And keep a lot of the rewards that they produced for themselves. And for the people who don't produce very much, chances are it has to do with a lack of education. So if you empower them to get themselves a good education, then they'll have the skills that they need. To go out and get a good job, be productive and create their own wealth.