Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, December 5, 2011

"Non Interventionism in US Foreign Policy": The Role of US Foreign Policy

One of the reasons why the United Kingdom and European Union as well as the Imperial Republic of Japan have such large Welfare States. To put it simply, because they can afford to but the better question is why do they have such large Welfare States. Compared with the United States is because their Defense Budgets, are about 1/5 of ours as part of their GDPs. And a good question would be why is that, because not only are we responsible for the National Defense of America but I would argue North America as a whole. As well as Britain, Scandinavia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Japan. All Developed Nations that have the resources to defend themselves but American Tax Payers spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year to defend them. Now I'm not arguing that we cut our Defense Budget by 200B$ a year or so, so we can have a Welfare State like Europe, far from it. But to point out that we shouldn't have to pay for the National Security of countries that can afford their own defense. Let their Tax Payers pick up the bill for their own National Security, bring our Tax Revenue home that we spend. Defending other countries and lets pay down down our Federal Debt and Deficit as we are Rebuilding America. And work with our allies jointly on intelligence and Humanitarian Missions, like in Libya. NATO being an excellent example of this and let Developed Nations defend themselves. We have a National Debt of now 15T$ and a National Deficit of 1.8T$, we spend over 700B$ a year alone on defense. We also spend around 200B$ a year defending Developed Nations. The Defense Budget has to be on the table in Deficit Reduction.

American Foreign Policy should be about defending American National Interests, not interfering in Civil Wars. Unless there's genocide going on there and we can play a role along with our Regional Allies. And have a good chance of success there with our limited role, Libya being an excellent example of that. I would argue Neoconservatism doesn't really work anywhere, as much as the Heritage Foundation advocates for it. But especially in Foreign Policy where we had eight years of it in the Bush Administration and to a certain extent. Still have it in how the Obama Administration is conducting the War on Terror. You can't build and design nations for people and what type of government they should have. Which is what we tried to in Afghanistan and Iraq, they have to do that for themselves. Now you can help them with resources and sorta thing like in Foreign Aid. But they have to do the work for themselves And figure out what type of country they are going to have on their own. They live in the country, they know their own people, culture and land. They have to do the work on their own. Afghanistan and Iraq both have been examples of how not to conduct Foreign Policy. We were sorta making it up as we went along and only have had success lately because we've changed course.

American Foreign Policy needs to be based on our own National Security Interests. We are just one country and are simply not capable of governing and defending the rest of the World. And we certainly can no longer afford to defend large Developed Nations that have the resources to defend themselves. Which is why they should do that for themselves and America get back to Rebuilding America. And we do some of our own Nation Building with our own money. Instead of trying to build other nations for them and deciding what type of countries and governments they should have.