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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Paul Rahe: "Is the Welfare State on its Way Out?": What Social Insurance should be about

If you look at what the Welfare State is about and what it should be doing, first you need to know what Welfare Insurance is. Social Insurance to help people for whatever reason that can't help themselves. So if your making a nice six figure income and you got a sweet pension or IRA hooked up for yourself. And your planning on retiring in Florida, Southern California, Arizona perhaps, a Southwest Ranch, Hawaii maybe. Why on Earth do you need Social Security something thats there to provide for people to make sure they have a Floor of Income they can rely on. You did your part, you stayed in school, you got yourself a good education, through either your parents. Scholarship, Student Loans or working through college. You had a very productive career where you contributed a lot to society through your work and everything else. You paid your taxes, you stayed out of jail, you raised your kids to give them the same opportunity that you had or better. You don't need Social Security, sure you paid into it but its an Insurance System so people who don't have pensions. Or a very large pension can rely on when they retire. Medicaid, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Social Security, Disability Insurance, Food Assistance, Public Housing, Job Training. These are all Social Insurance Programs that you collect from when you need them. Social Security should be the same way, bam, bingo I've just solved the Social Security Financial Issues in a paragraph.

Again at risk of sounding like a Broken Record and if I'm starting like a Broken Record when it comes to Welfare States and Safety Nets. Then my point here is sinking in, Welfare States are designed to take care of people. Even people who could be Self Sufficient if empowered to do so. A Safety Net is designed to catch people who fall through the cracks of the economy to help sustain themselves in the short term. But to also empower them to get themselves back on their feet so they can be Self Sufficient. That exactly what Job Training and Job Placement is exactly about when it comes to Unemployment Insurance. And what the 1996 Welfare to Work Law is about educating Job Training people collecting Welfare Insurance. And then Job Placement putting these people to work so they can become Self Sufficient and take care of themselves and their families. So telling these people sorry you've had a real rough start in life, so what we are going to do is take care of you for the rest of your lives. At Tax Payer expense of course not expecting anything from you and let you live off of Tax Payers. Which is what we were doing pre 1996.

I would like to see a real Safety Net in America not run by the Federal Government or State and Local Governments. But empowering our Non Profit Community Service Community in the Private Sector. Let each State set up their own Community Service Sector that would have to meet basic Federal, State and Local Standards. But are run by the Private Sector, turn all of our Federal Social Insurance Programs over to the Private Sector. To be run as Non Profit Community Services for the people who need them to empower these people to help themselves. And finally get themselves on their feet.