Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Term Limits: "A Threat to our Constitution": The Weakness's of Term Limits

The main reason why I don't like Term Limits in Congress, even if they are generous. Is because I don't like the idea of Government limiting who we can vote for, as long as we meet basic qualifications. We are alive, free, American Citizens and meet the basic Age Requirement to Run for Office. The reason why Term Limits makes sense for Executives, Presidents, I would add Vice Presidents, Governors , County Executives and Mayors. Is because there's a lot of power given to Executives, Individual Power and you don't want them in Public Office. Indefinitely making decisions based on how to get reelected but if you Term Limit Executives. That gives them the Political Freedom, until their term is over. To make decisions that may not be popular but may be the right thing to do. And of course they can make unpopular decisions that are the wrong thing to do. Like pardoning murderers that are clearly guilty and that sorta thing. But thats why we have Legislatures to step in and try to convince the Executive not to do those things. And can threaten Executives with impeachment and that sorta thing. Term Limits aren't the answer, what we need is Congressional Reform as well as Campaign Reform and we need to try to force these things on Congress. Things like Full Disclosure on all Campaign Contributions as well as people who lobby them, as well as their activities in Congress. Who they talk to, what are their positions, their Voting Records, what bills and amendments to bills they've offered and sponsored. And allow their constituents to take their whole record in consideration on whether they should reelected them or not.

Congressional Term Limits are popular and have appeal to them, especially amongst Independent Voters and Members of Third Parties. Because they see it as their shot to get to Congress and to hold Congress accountable. But our Founding Fathers got it right for the most part when they set up. How long Members of Congress would serve, Representatives who serve in the House serve two years at a time. Because the House moves quickly and responds to issues quickly and can write and pass a lot of bills quickly. Whether they become law or not and they wanted the House to have to answer their constituents quickly. Where in the Senate, Senators have to respond generally to a broad range of people throughout a State. Unlike. Reps. who tend to represents a small segment of a State that tends to be pretty partisan. And each State only gets two Sens. and the Senate moves slowly and you usually needs Bi Partisan cooperation to get anything done. So they figured that people should give Sens. six years before they decide whether they should go back to Congress or not. Because they have to speak and answer to a whole State, not just a Partisan Faction of a State. One of the reasons why so many Senators run for President because they feel they can speak to a wide range of people. A lot of Reps. run for the Senate so they can get Elected Statewide and widen their base.

Term Limits aren't the answer they are an attempt at a quick fix to a much larger problem with Unintended Consequences. Like limiting who voters can vote for when we already have enough limits. What we need instead is Congressional and Campaign Reform so we can do a better job at holding our Members of Congress more accountable. I would go even farther by making the Leadership in both the House and Senate, Majority and Minority. At Large Members of Congress and make them National Leaders, meaning the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House. Wouldn't also Represent a House District but just hold their Leadership Post and do the same thing in the Senate with the Leader and Minority Leader. To cut back on these Leaders using their Leadership Positions to benefit their District or State. And instead having them take more of a National View in performing their jobs.