Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, December 19, 2011

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at Cato University 2011: The Role of Government

At first when I heard of Rand Paul running for Senate in 2010, I though he could be interesting a Libertarian Republican. Then as we was getting closer to being elected to the Senate and that was really never in doubt. His opponent Democrat Jack Conway despite being the Attorney General of Kentucky wasn't very strong. I started hearing things that Dr. Paul was a Social Conservative, well in American Politics. That means you believe in an Authoritarian Big Government with limited Social Freedom. Which is the opposite of my liberalism and I'm a liberal across the board, I don't like any form of Big Government. But lately when I've heard Sen. Paul speak against the Patriot Act and against Indefinite Detention of Terrorist Suspects and other Suspects, that gives me the impression. That Sen. Paul is serious about being a Social Conservative for real, meaning someone who believes in Conserving Social Freedom. Not subtracting from the current Social Freedom that we have, which is what Religious and Neoconservatives and Authoritarians believe in. That we have to limit Individual Liberty in order to protect National Security. Rand Paul is not Jim DiMint or Michelle Bachmann, he truly believes in Individual Liberty. He's closer to his father Ron Paul or Sen. Mike Lee or Ron Reagan or Barry Goldwater. Then Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz or any other Neoconservative you want to name.

I'm with Sen. Paul on a lot of the Fiscal Challenges that we face as a country and the need to cut Federal Spending. And Decentralize the Federal Government, I'm to the left of Sen. Paul on abortion, Marijuana Legalization and I'm sure a few other issues. I also wouldn't completely Privatize Social Security and allow people to invest all of their Payroll Taxes. In Private Accounts or the Stock Market but I do support Social Security Plus. Keeping the base Social Security Income in place but allowing people to invest their own money. To prepare for their own retirements, that their employers would match at Tax Free for both sides. That this money could only be used for retirement. I also wouldn't convert Medicare into a Private For Profit Health Insurer but allow Senior Citizens to stay with Medicare. Or opt out for other Health Insurance, Healthcare and Health Insurance to me at least is about Freedom of Choice. Not Uncle Sam knowing what's best because a lot of times he doesn't. I'm a Liberal Democrat so I probably wouldn't vote for Rand Paul, unless he was running against a Socialist Democrat. But the thing is you would have an easier time finding a an ocean in Kentucky then a Socialist. You can count them on one hand and not need all of the fingers.

Rand Paul to me represents the Future of the Republican Party if they ever get passed Religious and Neoconservatism. Sen. Paul also represents the Future of the Tea Party Movement again if they ever get out of bed with the Religious and Neoconservative Movement. And drop people like Michelle Bachmann and Jim DiMint like sack of potatoes and get back to Goldwater-Reagan Classical Conservatism.