Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"3 Reasons Conservatives Should Cut Defense Spending Now!": The Wars are Over

My three reasons for cutting Defense Spending now but as a Liberal and not a Conservative. Well I actually have more then three reasons but in the interest of time and anyone who' reading this. That I want to keep awake, I'll start with three and see what happens from there. Number one, The Wars are Over! Or at least our involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Which means we can close those bases, bring those troops home and use that revenue to pay down the deficit. Number two, we are currently defending Developed Nations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. That all more then have the resources to defend themselves. The European Union's economy is roughly 14T$ or so, not far off from the United States. Saudi Arabia a country of 25M people but a very large country and Energy Independent. And has Living Standards comparable with Israel, Turkey and the European Union. Japan has the third largest economy in the World, of over 4T$. And thats after spending the last twenty years in recession. Number three, and the most important reason we now have a 15T$ National Debt that equals our Gross Domestic Product. In case anyone reading this doesn't know what GDP stands for. And a whopping 1.8T$ National Deficit, we also have an improving economy.

With Job Growth starting to take off and the Unemployment Rate finally falling. Now is the time to cut back in areas that we don't need to spend as much. And can't afford to spend as much and the Defense Budget has to be part of that package. Along with the rest of the Federal Budget. If there's a positive thing about having a National Debt and Deficit thats as high as it is today. Its that it tells us that we simply don't have unlimited resources and can't borrow indefinitely. That you can't spend everything on everything and don't have unlimited money. That you have to pay for things that you need to do. And cut back in areas you don't need to spend as much, the Defense Budget would be one area. Reforming the Tax Code would be another, Corporate and Agriculture Welfare would be others. And the Safety Net would be another one, we simply can't afford to subsidize people who can take care of themselves. In Foreign Nations or at home, there's a limit to what we can spend and what the Federal Government can do. Thats one thing that Limited Government is about.

America needs to learn as well as the rest of the World, that even America has limits to what it can do in Foreign Policy. And that if the rest of the Developed World, wants positive things done. It needs to step up to the plate, especially the European Union to play its part. Instead of dumping most of its resources in their Welfare States. Or the positive change won't happen, because America won't have the resources to do everything on its own.