Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, January 9, 2012

Damon Root on FBN Freedom Watch: How FDR Contributed to the Libertarian Movement

There are several people that the Libertarian, Classical Conservative and Liberal Movement. Have to thank for putting the Political Movements on the map in American Politics. Franklin Rossevelt for bringing Progressivism and Democratic Socialism to America from the Federal Government. As well as his Authoritarian Policy's on National Security. Like with locking up German, Italian and Japanese Americans up during World War II. Because of their ethnicity that they believed they would back Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan because of their ethnicity. I mean FDR was Big Government almost across the board, which is my I have mixed feelings about him. And used the "Great Depression" and World War II to exercise great Executive Power that most Presidents wouldn't of had the guts to use. Its hard to label FDR a Liberal Democrat, because he would take Individual Liberty away from Innocent People. Other then on Economic Policy, its hard to label FDR a Progressive Democrat. because of his record on Civil Liberties which wasn't very good. You could label FDR a Neoconservative on National Security but nowhere else, he really didn't have a Political Label that fit him. Which makes him one of the most fascinating American Presidents we've ever had. And because of his Big Government credentials, is a reason why the Libertarian Movement came about. Along with the LBJ Great Society in the 1960s.

The Libertarian Party and perhaps the modern Libertarian Movement came about around 1971. To fight back against Big Government and challenge the Constitutionality of Big Government in the Court System. And brought about people like Harry Browne who ran for President for the Libertarian Party several times. Ron Paul who ran for President for the Libertarian Party in 1988 and is running for President for the Republican Party right now. And Classical Conservatives like Barry Goldwater, who was the Republican Nominee for President in 1964. Ron Reagan who became President in 1980. Dwight Eisenhower who was elected President in 1952. Gerry Ford who was House Minority Leader, then later Vice President and President. Younger conservatives like Jack Kemp who served eight terms in the House and ran for President for the Republican Party in 1988. Newt Gingrich who of course later became Speaker of the House. Trent Lott who served as House Minority Whip, Senate Leader and Minority Leader. Sen. Al Simpson and others. The New Deal and Great Society sparked a new modern Libertarian Movement and made Conservatism mainstream in American Politics. To fight back against Big Government.

Libertarians, Classical Conservatives and Liberals such as myself have Franklin Rossevelt to thank for keeping our movements alive. And give us something to fight back against. An Intrusive Big Government that tries to protect the American People from ourselves and take care of us. Instead of letting us have the Individual Liberty to do those things for ourselves. Progressives can thank FDR for bringing Democratic Socialism to America but thats about it. I doubt they agree with FDR on much more then that.