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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Andrew Klavan, Liberalism Exposed": Why Andrew Klavan Shouldn't Speak About Liberalism

What Andrew Klavan did in this video was actually spend four minutes speaking about something he doesn't understand. He spent four minutes of his life that he'll never get back and remember life is short. There's plenty of things you can do with four minutes. Time that Andrew Klavan will never get back. People like that tend to be called assholes, people who speak out of their ass. Out of their element, what they are not familiar enough to be talking about. What you think of Mr. Klavan is your business and you can or not give Mr. Klavan any label you want. There's one thing that Klavan got right, there is a faction in the country. Who don't consider America to be a great country, because we are not enough like Europe. According to them our Federal Government isn't big enough and doesn't tax and spend enough. According to them our military is too big and spends too much. What they also don't tend to mention, is that one reason why our military. Is so big, is that we defend Europe, countries they want us to be more like. Which is a big reason why the Welfare States there are so big compared with our Safety Net. Because the Defense Budgets there aren't nearly as big.

The people that Andrew Klavan was lecturing about, if you want to call it a lecture. More like an Accidental Monologue, where people could laugh at his routine. Because of how ignorant he is about his own Subject Matter. Listening to Mr. Klavan talk about Liberalism, is like listening to a straight person give a lecture on what its like being a gay person. Or vice versa, they may have have a sense on what its like but unless your gay. You don't know what its like to be a homosexual and unless your straight, you don't know what its like to be a heterosexual. Your only making guesses and shouldn't be speaking. As if your an expert about a sexuality or philosophy you don't understand. To put it in simple terms, Mr. Klavan was describing the opposite of Liberalism and probably doesn't even know that. What Klavan was talking about, was the fringe elements in the Progressive Movement. People who aren't Liberals but Democratic Socialists and even Communists some of them. Not the Progressive Caucus though.

When you think of Liberalism, well I would be a Liberal but think of people like Jack Kennedy. Bill Clinton, Dick Durbin the Assistant Leader in the Senate, Sen. John Kerry. Who volunteered for the Vietnam War and served very well. People who believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Individual Liberty, Limited Government. An Opportunity Society, people who love America believe our way of life has to be defended. When you think of the people that Andrew Klavan was talking about, think of the Fringe Elements in Occupy Wall Street. When you think of assholes, think of Andrew Klavan.