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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"The Great Liberal Lie: Jonah Goldberg on the Left's War on Words: What Jonah Goldberg doesn't understand about Liberalism

If you listened to Jonah Goldberg and other Right Wingers but I don't believe Jonah Goldberg is as guilty as what I'm about to lay out. You would think Liberalism and Liberals are a collection of nothing more then, Fascists, Communists, Socialists, Terrorists, as well as Un American. And there are plenty of other False Charges out there but to spare you time, yours and mind I'll spare you the rest, for now. They completely don't understand Liberalism at all, completely unqualified to speak about Liberalism as unqualified to speak about Liberalism. As Fidel Castro is an unqualified to speak about Democracy, because he would be trying to speak about something, he doesn't understand or believe in. They don't know that the Liberal Values are, Individual Freedom, Limited Government, Rule of Law, US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Equal Rights and Equality of Opportunity, everything else we believe in comes under that. Liberals don't believe in Big Government, something that we are always being accused of being, being accused of supporting Big Government, by someone like Rick Santorum. Is a little hard to swallow without puking and I'll leave it there for now.

If you follow my blogs, you already know how I feel about the former Distinguished Senator from Pennsylvania. He's someone who goes off on Democrats for supporting Big Government but then comes out in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw pornography in the United States. There are Fascists on the left, there also Fascists on the right, look how the Tea Party is treating Republicans who don't agree with them on everything. Sen. Dick Lugar being their latest victim, thats where Mr. Goldbrg is right but they just aren't Liberal. And if Mr. Goldberg understood what the hell he was talking about, he would understand, that you can't be a Liberal and a Fascist. Because he would understand that Liberals believe in Freedom of Speech and Thought, we don't expect everyone to agree with us, we do ask that you back you're argument when you disagree with us. We can't force you to do that but we ask that you do, so we can engage in intelligent debate, instead of just exchanging attacks back and fourth.

Both the Far Left and Far Right in America has their own Fascists, one of the reasons why they are on the Far Left and Far Right. They just aren't Liberal or Conservative, Progressives in America go after Democrats for not supporting their entire Big Government Agenda. Neoconservatives go after Republicans for working with Democrats and not supporting their entire Big Government Agenda but these people are simply not Liberal or Conservative.