Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, May 7, 2012

Harry Browne: Smaller Government: Why Libertarianism has never made it into National Power

Its obvious that your average Libertarian believes that the Federal Government. Is way too big and is so big, that the current size of the Federal Government. Is Unconstitutional and they can even back it up. The problem that they have is that even though perhaps even a consensus of the country. Believes that the Federal Government is too big and taxes too much. There isn't a consensus of what to cut and when you try to cut one thing. You end up offending some Special Interest Group thats in love with that program. Libertarians believe in Small Government, essentially just National Security, Foreign Policy and perhaps Commerce. As well as the three branches and the way they talk about Government. You would think they would believe that Government isn't capable of doing anything well. That Public Employees are part of the problem, that they are bunch of lazy overpaid, excuse the term, fartheads. Which is one reason why Libertarians are constantly getting mistaken with Anarchists. Especially by Neoconservatives and Progressives, because a lot of Americans don't understand what Anarchism actually is.

Libertarians have spent the last forty years running against things like entitlements and Law Enforcement. Things that Americans tend to believe in and support, when they should be running as Reformers. If we had to do it again, we wouldn't of designed Social Security. Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Public Housing etc. But this is what we would've done instead, no not nothing. But we would've set up a system where these needs would've been met. But a system thats not run by Government but by the people who use them and to empower the people to need them. To be able to take care of themselves, we won't eliminate the Safety Net but. Just the Federal Government's role in running it and we would give a lot more power to the States. Not eliminate these programs that people use, need and like. But we would let the States and Private Sector run them.

The Libertarian Party finally has a Presidential Candidate who understands this. In Gary Johnson but he's not a Classical Libertarian and might not be a Libertarian at all. More of a Classical Liberal then anything else, someone who's not running to eliminate Medicare. To use as one example but would want the States to run Medicare. And the rest of the Safety Net and leave the Feds to do what only they should be doing and can do well.