Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Highlights From Wolf Blitzer's Interview With Donald Trump: The Donald Birther That Won't Go Away

The more that Donald Trump speaks about he Birther Issue and really anything that has to do with politics. The more it hurts Mitt Romney and any serious Republican that can't afford to be seen with the Far Right fringe in America. That actually believes that Barack Obama is an African Muslim Atheist Socialist, who was born in Kenya, notice how those labels don't really go together and I'm thinking of Atheist Muslim. But thats the degree of intelligence and sanity that we are talking about, when it gets to the Birther Movement. There are many reasons why the Far Right doesn't like Barack Obama and it all gets back to the fact they don't see him as one of them, they see him as Un American. However you want to define that, so they throw out all of these labels and accusations and conspiracies about Barack Obama and every time they are contradicted. Like with a copy of Barack Obama's Hawaiian Birth Certificate, they make up some new Conspiracy Theory, claiming that the evidence is bogus in some way. Which is what Donald Birther did to today on CNN, claiming that the Hawaiian Birth Certificate is bogus, because the Governor of Hawaii is a Democrat.

In the era of Information Technology, where even things that you do in you're own living room, can be made public, if you have a camera phone with you. And yet Donald Birther claims that the Hawaiian Democrats are conspiring to coverup Barack Obama's real Birth Certificate and Nationality, birthplace and so fourth. To believe that, you would have to believe that President Kennedy was shot by one of his brothers or there was some type of Assassination Plot by the Republican Leadership, to have the President killed. Its the whole if the facts get in the way of you're argument, make them up to make up for the lack of evidence on you're side. And the closer Donald Birther is to Mitt Romney, raising money for him, Mitt riding Don's plane, hanging out together, the easier it will be for Democrats to tie Mitt with the Far Right in America.

If you are a Democrat, you want Donald Birther to talk as much as possible about Barack Obama's birthplace. Especially as he's raising money for Mitt Romney and you'll be able to link them together, especially when the Romney Campaign says that the President's Birth Certificate is legitimate. Because then the Romney Campaign could be asked, well if its legitimate why are you taking money from someone so far out there. What is Mitt going to say, because of the money, how bad does that look. But if you are a human being, you want Donald Birther to shut the hell up.