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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Is Government the Problem or the Solution?": Why Limited Government is Important

If you look at the whole debate in American Politics right now, its all centered around. The Role of Government in America, especially the Federal Government. But in debates in California, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin etc. All the debates there get back to the Role of Government. Healthcare Reform is about the Role of Government, Entitlement Reform is about the Role of Government. Immigration Reform is about the Role of Government, what our Foreign Policy should look like. Is about the Role of Government, Tax Reform is about the Role of Government. Deficit Reduction is about the Role of Government and I can go on and on. But in the interest of time, yours and mine. I'll spare you the rest, its all about the Role of Government. What the Federal Government should being doing in America, how it should serve its people. What size it should be, how much should it spend and tax. Everyone from Democratic Socialists on the Far Left, who seem to want the Federal Government to do about everything. To Libertarians who want the Federal Government to do about nothing. Has an idea of what Uncle Sam should be doing for his nephews and nieces.

Its not longer a debate whether we should have Limited Government or not. We've basically decided as a country we don't want a Communist State. Its more of a question of whether we should have Big Government coming from either Democratic Socialists on the Far Left. Or Neoconservatives on the Far Right, Small Government coming from Conservatives on the Right. Or Libertarians, who I would put on the Left, a little past Liberals. Or Limited Government from the Left, from Liberals which as a Liberal myself. Is where I believe we should be and Limited Government to me is very simple. Deciding what the Federal Government should be doing. Based on its Constitutional Authority, what its capable of doing well. That we can afford it to do and what we need it to do. Because States and the Private Sector, can't do it or do it as well. Which means that under me, the Federal Government wouldn't be small but much smaller then it is today.

To me the Federal Government should be in the business of controlling the National Currency. Foreign Policy, National Security, Law Enforcement and regulation. Not regulating how people live their own lives but how we interact with each other. And regulating Private Commerce, not trying to control it. But regulate how Private Commerce interacts with each other and how they treat its customers. But only to prevent them from abusing innocent people and their employees. And to prevent monopoly, so under me the Federal Government would be spending. Around 15-18% of GDP instead of 25% today, because I would eliminate a lot of things. That its currently doing that could be done by the States or Private Sector. And I would consolidate some departments.