Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Jack Hunter: Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

Source: Jack Hunter-
Source: Jack Hunter: Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

The differences between Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, well there actually several. I doubt I could ever vote for Ron Paul for everything, he's simply not qualified to be President of the United States. And perhaps I'll get into that later, thats the main reason. He's a Classical Libertarian and I'm a Classical Liberal and that's a big difference. Even though we have some things in common, but with his rhetoric, Representative Paul sounds anti-government. Forget about big government versus limited government, or small government, Ron Paul sounds anti-government. Which turns off most of the country who are not anti-government and that's different from Gary Johnson. And myself, we are anti big government and pro-limited government. We would like to transfer a lot of the power of the Federal Government, to the states and the people. We are not looking to eliminate Federal programs, but the Federal Government's role in running a lot of these programs.

Ron Paul if one of his fantasies were to ever come true and he had a Congress that would go along with what he's doing, again another fantasy, would just eliminate a lot of what the Federal Government is currently doing. Because he believes they are unconstitutional and perhaps with a transition period. Another difference between Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, has to do with politics and being able to understand them. Gary Johnson had no hope or dream of ever winning the Republican presidential nomination. He understands the Republican Party, being a lifelong Republican up until a few months ago before he switched to run for the Libertarian presidential nomination, which he just won. He knows that they are now a religious and neoconservative party, that would never nominate a Classical Conservative. Let alone a Classical Liberal to be President of the United States.

But that if Gary Johnson just ran for President as a Libertarian from the start, he wouldn't have gotten the attention he's getting now to the point, that he has an outside shot of peeling off Liberal (not Progressive Democrats) away from President Obama to vote for him for President. Over things like, the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, indefinite detention, all of these policies that have been pushed by the Obama Administration. Whether Ron Paul continues to run for President in 2012 or not, he's not going to win the Republican nomination. Obviously not the Libertarian nomination, now that Gary Johnson has now won it. Maybe he'll run as a Libertarian Independent, but he doesn't the present of libertarianism or the future of libertarianism in America. Certainly not as a Republican, where he's only a Republican, to continue to hold and run for office. But never getting elected to anything other than a U.S. Representative from Texas. Without any major power, the future of libertarianism has moved on to other people. And Ron Paul deserves credit for giving this movement the attention it badly needs.