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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jerry Brown: Limits To Government: Why Limited Government is Important and How Jerry Brown has Evolved

This is the Jerry Brown that I like and respect, a real Liberal Democrat. Someone who understood the limits to Governmental Power and what it can do for society. And the importance of Individual Freedom, part of that for people to have the Freedom to solve their own problems. This is not the Jerry Brown today, the Jerry brown today. And twenty years ago when he ran for President. Is now more Progressive, Statist even that I would argue. Someone who believes that government can and do more for its people. And is not big and powerful and strong enough to solve the problems of its people. Which is the current Progressive thinking and what it was back in 1992. As well as in 1975 but that wasn't Jerry Brown of 1975. When he was in his first year as Governor of California, after being elected in 1974. And succeeded Ronald Reagan who was Term Limited. The Jerry Brown then is different from the Jerry Brown today. Where he's the Governor of the largest State in the Union. That also has the largest debt and deficit in the Union amongst States. And is also one of the highest taxed States in the Union.

The Jerry Brown that was talking in 1975, could've been Jack Kennedy or even Thomas Jefferson. Someone who understood that we clearly need and effective government. That serves the people but a government that only does for the people what the people can't do for themselves. A government thats limited and protects peoples rights to live their own lives. Not try to live their lives for them or try to control how people live their own lives. This is really at the heart of Liberalism, some people may call that Classical Liberalism. But Classical Liberalism is just what Liberalism actually is. Which is about Liberty and not how its stereotyped today as looking Socialist or even Statist. Liberalism is different from Progressivism and Jerry Brown was speaking to the heart of what Liberalism actually is. And to see this video of him from 1975, is like listening to a different person.

I'm not sure how someone goes from sounding like a Liberal, a big believer in Limited Government. To someone who sounds much more Progressive and Statist even and believes that government isn't doing enough to serve its people. Especially when your Governor of the largest State in the Union. With the largest State Budget and also one of the highest taxed States in the Union as well.