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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liberty Pen: John Stossel & Arthur Brooks- Is Freedom Fair?

Source: Liberty Pen- Arthur Brooks-
Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel & Arthur Brooks- Is Freedom Fair?

So-called Progressives, (Social Democrats in actuality) like to use the word fair and equality. That the fact that some people have a lot of money and that some people have little to no money, that somehow, that is not fair. They don't talk about how the people who made all of that money, made that money. They just talk about the fact that rich people have a lot of money and that poor people have very little. They don't talk about why poor people have so little, but just the fact that they have so little and that somehow that's not fair. Liberals such as myself believe in something else, that without freedom, we can't have fairness, because we'll never be able to reach our full-potential with government holding us down. So what we need to do is have equality of opportunity. A system where all mentally and physically able Americans, will have a quality opportunity to be successful in life. And this gets to things like a quality education, a opportunity at a good job, hard work and then of course production.

That it's not just a matter of having a good job, that you actually have to be productive and do a good job and then you'll be rewarded for the production that you create. And pay taxes based on your ability to pay, while still having plenty of incentive for people to be productive in the future. Social Democrats (lets just call a bird a bird) seem to take a different approach. That we as a country already have so much money and the fact that some people have so much more money than others, it's not only a problem, but it's unfair. And that what we need to do, is to take a lot of the money that the rich have and give that money to government so it cane take care, literally take care, not empower. Which is what freedom is about, empowerment, but to take care of the less-fortunate. With all of this money that rich people make, which is a much different approach. I know I've mentioned this before.

 I know I've mentioned this before, but Bill Clinton a political hero of mine, as President wanted to create what he called and Opportunity Society. Where all Americans would have the freedom and opportunity, to be successful in life based on what they contribute and then be rewarded for the production that they create. If you want to create a Fair Society, the best way to do that is through an Opportunity Society. That the way we create fairness, is to give the people, which includes everyone, the ability to be as successful in life as they can be, base on what they contribute to society. And this gets to education, a quality education for all students and reeducating adults who have fallen through the cracks of the system.