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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, May 18, 2012

NC Tea Party: John Stossel- What If Libertarians Were in Charge

Source: NC Tea Party-
Source: NC Tea Party: John Stossel- What If Libertarians Were In Charge

Imagine what the Federal Government would look like, if you eliminated every Federal Department. Except Department of Defense, that would rarely do anything, because Libertarians are isolationists.

Department of State that would rarely talk to anyone, because again Libertarians are isolationists.

A Treasury Department that would just print American dollars. You really need a Federal department to do that?

Maybe a Justice Department, but again who would they be prosecuting? Libertarians are against the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

They also tend to be against the CIA. So where would the intelligence come from?

The Federal Government that they don't trust and believe in. Libertarians don't believe in Federal law enforcement, so if a murderer murders someone in Tennessee and makes their way up to lets say Ohio, who would go after that person?

Libertarians are also against things like labor laws, minimum wage, so we could return to the days of people making 30C and hour or back to child labor. People working in unsafe working conditions and making basically nothing working there.

That is the state of American libertarianism right now, not that government is too big, but that it even exists is a problem for them. They want a complete free society, but perhaps even in an anarchist sense. And perhaps they would prosecute people who abuse innocent people, but that the Federal Government just wouldn't have any role in it. As I blogged last week, Libertarians today and perhaps always don't sound Libertarian. But they sound like Anarchists, that government is incompetent and shouldn't really be doing anything. And ask questions like what can government do, that the private sector can't and again ask most Americans that question and they will name several things. Today's Libertarians don't sound like believers in small government, but sound anti-government. Basically across the board. Or wouldn't ask questions like, what can government do that the private sector can't, or what can government do better than the private sector.

I understand the need in limited government and as a Liberal is something I believe in myself. Which is also something that Gary Johnson the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party also believes in. He's a Classical Liberal/Liberal-Libertarian  like myself. But more libertarian, where I'm liberal across the board. Governor Johnson is not looking to dismantle the Federal Government. But wants to reform it, so it's doing the things that only it should be doing and does well. Which is where libertarianism needs to move to, for them to ever be a major power in American politics.