Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Libertarian Solution: Close Military Bases: A Good Libertarian Solution

You want to know why we spend roughly spend 700-800B$ a year on defense, which will be a little lower thanks to the 2011 Budget Control Act. Because we spend around 200B$ a year defending Developed Nations around the World. Bring that money home, we are still spending around 500B$ a year on defense, a figure I could live with and we would be able to spend that money. Protecting our own National Interests, focusing on things like the War on Terror and Counter Terrorism. Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea already have the money to defend themselves. They don't need us to do that for them but Europe wants us to do it for them, out our expense not there's. So they can continue to spend 40% or so their of economies on their Welfare States, I don't want to bring that money home. To create some Socialist Welfare State in America, that Progressives seem to want to do and I don't want to gut the Defense Budget either. And go down to 1-2% of our GDP, what I want to do with our Defense Department, is to spend money on things that we have to do.

We need the US DOD Department of Defense to spend the Tax Revenue that we give it efficiently and use those savings from defense, to help pay down out debt and deficit. That we owe to some of the countries that are currently responsible for defending. Like Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea, as well as some of those saving on Infrastructure Investment to rebuild our country and put Americans back to work. Not spending this money in other Developed Nations putting those people back tow work. The European Union together has an economy roughly the size of the United States and has more then enough financial resources to pay for its own defense. And to develop a Defense Industry that can build what it needs to defend themselves. Japan has an economy of 4T$, the third largest economy in the World and has the resources to defend themselves. Saudi Arabia already has the one of the largest militaries in the World and they can defend themselves. The Democratic Republic of Korea the same thing and can defend themselves against the Communist Republic.

America needs to get back in the business of defending Americans period and we need to worry about ourselves and deal with our own problems. And work with our allies to defend our interests and try to stop Authoritarian States from murdering its people when we can. While these other Developed Nations need to do the same thing because they can. And we have enough of our own problems and we need our own resources to deal with them.