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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Real Breaking Bad: "How the Drug War Creates Collateral Damage": The Supply and Demand Aspect of the War on Drugs

The Federal Government under the Nixon Administration, officially declared War on Drugs in 1971. Yet forty one years later, we are still fighting this War. Why because we as well as Mexico, still have a large demand for narcotics in America. Including for alcohol and tobacco, which are legal narcotics in America. Put marijuana, alcohol and tobacco into one pot, no pun intended. Tobacco comes out the worst, it has more diseases that are related to it. Then the other two but its legal because it has an industry. As well as lobbyists, lobbying on its behalf obviously, lobbying the Federal Government. As well as State Governments to not only keep it legal but to make sure that marijuana and other narcotics remain illegal as well. Today according to the American Bar Association, we have the lowest rate of crime in America. Since 1966. Before riots started breaking out all across the country. Yet we have more people in prison, now 2M the population of Houston, Texas. Then we ever had, why because of the War on Drugs, we have a lot of people actually doing time in prison. For possessing pot and other narcotics.

If people want something bad enough, they'll find a way to get that. Anyone who's ever been a kid in life or has kids, knows that just because something is against the rules. Doesn't automatically mean they are always going to obey the rules. Especially if they believe they can get away with whatever they are doing. And believe getting caught is worth the risk, the War on Drugs is all about Supply and Demand. Economics 101, if there's a market for a product and people have the resources to purchase it. They will, we learn these things as kids and what we also do with the War on Drugs. Is punish people and treat them like criminals, because of what they do to themselves. And they purchase these things Tax Free, unlike alcohol and tobacco users. And can get them sometimes at a cheaper price.

When you think of the War on Drugs in America, think Economics 101, Supply and Demand. For me to make money selling something, I must have a product. That a lot of people want to buy at an affordable price. Otherwise I'm not going to make much if any money selling this product. We still have a lot of people in America, that want marijuana, heroin, alcohol and other narcotics. And are even willing to go to prison to purchase these drugs. Just look at our Prison Population.