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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rick Santelli: "Are Federal Job Training Programs Working?": How to Retrain Unemployed Workers

We don't need 49 Job Training Programs in America run by the Federal Government, that makes no sense. Especially when we have 8% Unemployment, what we need to do is figure out how to put people back to work and retrain those workers who need additional skills to go back to work with a good job. Not have a system that designed so that when we do have High Unemployment, we just create more Job Training Programs, automatically assuming that the reason we have High Unemployment. Is because we don't have enough JTP's, Job Training Programs, the only JTP's that the Feds need to be involved with. Has to do with Unemployment Insurance, transforming Unemployment Offices, into Employment Offices. Where yes Unemployed Workers would get an Unemployment Check but to get that Check, they have to be looking for work or going back to school and they would get help with financing of them going back to school.

Lets say at a Community College and they would also get help finding a job and they have to be doing these things, if they are physically and mentally capable of working. In order to receive their Unemployment Checks. The Federal Government doesn't need 49 JTP's, might not even need one, the only business they have with Job Training. Has to do with Unemployment Insurance and grants to Private Sector Employment Centers, that are in the business of helping people who are out of work. As well as grants to colleges and Vocational Schools, working to increase College Affordability for everyone. But we need to stop creating new JTP's, so a Representative or Senator can have a new JTP Office in their District or State, putting some of their constituents to work. Even if the JTP Office isn't very effective but is really just there to employ the people who work there.

Job Training should be about putting Unemployed Workers back to work, not creating new Government Offices, to hire new Government Workers. And we don't need 49 of these programs in order to accomplish this, it can all be accomplished through the Unemployment Insurance System and Private Sector.