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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism: What's The Role of Government

I wrote a similar blog about what's the Role of Government last Friday and argued. As a Liberal what I believe the Role of Government is, which is pretty limited. Especially the Federal Government, State and Local Governments can make these decisions on their own. As long as they are within their Constitution and the US Constitution. For me its pretty simple, the Role of Government is to protect, defend, represent. Regulate how people and organizations interact with each other and manage the National Currency. Protect and environment in where people can live their own lives but not try to run our lives. Basically Limited Government to me would be about 3/5 the size as its today and would tax a hell of a lot less. But of course we live in a Liberal Democracy, thats the most diverse country in the World. With the third largest population in the World and we are also perhaps the most diverse country in the World politically. With Statists on the Far Left and Far Right, Liberals who are Center Left. And Conservatives who are Center Right. So what my idea of the Role of Government is, looks different from a lot of other Americans.

As much as Progressives and Neoconservatives may hate hearing this. They have a couple of things in common, they are both Statists. But in different forms and they are both Collectivists but in different forms. They both believe in having a strong Federal Government, that has a big role in our lives. Neoconservatives believe in limiting Individual Freedom, to protect the good of the country. Meaning that if people have a lot of Freedom, they do things that aren't good for the country in their eyes. Basically it gets down to have a good time, things like pornography and gambling would be illegal. Just ask Rick Santorum if you don't believe me, to protect what they would call National Morality. Again remember Neoconservatives are Collectivists and believe that all Americans should live and be the same. That we shouldn't be Individuals, so our Freedom would be much more limited.

Progressives are Statists and Collectivists but in different forms. And believe that we need a strong Federal Government to protect the people. That we need high taxes and spending, to protect people from making mistakes with their own money. And to prevent people from making too much money compared with others. And that we need the Federal Government to provide Public Services. That they don't trust the Private Sector or the people to provide for themselves. That we are stronger when we are together and that when we live our own lives. And keep a lot of our own money, that we have less equality in society. So we need the State to collect a lot of our resources. And put them in one pot, to prevent inequality from happening.

Libertarians believe in almost no government and lately have been sounding more Anarchist then Libertarian. And are going to have to moderate that message and sound less like anti government Anarchists. If they ever want to achieve National Power in America. Which is worth writing a blog about on its own but hopefully you get the idea. And Conservatives are similar to Liberals but would empower Private Enterprise to handle a lot of the problems of the country. Whereas Liberals want to empower the people to solve their problems. We all have our own vision of what the Role of Government should be. Depending on where we are on the Political Spectrum.