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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Swing Vote: Why Independents Will Decide the 2012 Election: A Message for Neoconservatives, "Its The Economy Stupid"

Going into the 2011-2012 Presidential Election Season, Establishment Republicans thought they had found the perfect President Candidate to take on President Obama. In Mitt Romney, no seriously and that 2012 would another 1992 or 1980, where the Incumbent President, was kicked out of office in an Electoral Landslide. In large part because of the economy, well whether they were right or not, because of the Republican Primaries. Thats all changed as far as the Republican Party having the right Nominee to take on President Obama. Because thanks to the Republican Primaries and Rick Santorum being successful in at least forcing Mitt Romney, to take stands on these Social Issues. To make sure he would have the back of Neoconservative Republicans, he had to take stands on Same Sex Marriage. Coming out for a Constitutional Amendment to ban Same Sex Marriage, as well as come out against things like Planned Parenthood, speak out against things like Birth Control.

Social Issues that Rick Santorum and Neoconservatives want to talk about but where Independents are saying why are you bothering with these divisive issues, when this election is "the economy stupid". Because of the Republican Primaries, Mitt Romney has lost support with Independent and Female Voters, where on paper at least going into this Election Season. He looked to be in pretty good shape to matchup with the President on these issues, when he's talking about the economy. He does much better then when he's talking about Social Issues, things he doesn't care much about to begin with. That really only Statist Neoconservatives want Mitt to be talking about at all.

The 2012 Presidential Election will be about one thing and one thing only with, Independent Voters, the economy. Who would be the best President to deal with the economy and fix the economy and they'll judge both Mitt and Barack and decide that based on their past records and what they plan to do in the future.