Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thomas Sowell: Poverty & Dependence: How to Create and Opportunity Society over a Dependence Society

If you look at why Low Income people are poor and Middle Class people are successful. And why wealthy people are wealthy, it gets down to education. Not exclusively but if you have good skills and a good education, and then apply those skills. Your more then likely to get a good job and be Self Sufficient in life and raise kids who end up doing well also. Compared with someone who just doesn't have those skills. Didn't go to good schools, didn't finish High School or college, perhaps never went to college. So if your looking at that, its pretty easy to conclude that the way to reduce poverty in America. Is to empower people in poverty to get themselves the skills that they need. So they can get themselves a good job, become Self Sufficient and no longer have to live on Public Assistance. President Bill Clinton pushed what he and others call the Opportunity Society. Where we would create a Society, where everyone would have a good shot to be successful in life. And what they did with that opportunity would be up to them.

Opportunity Society is at the heart of Economic Liberalism and as a Liberal. Something I believe in strongly, where we would create and Economic System. Where we would all be able to go to good schools, no matter where we live. And the Economic Status of our parents and that adults who are living and working in poverty. Empower them to go back to school, finish High School, if they haven't already have done that. And go on to Higher Education, Community College or Vocational School. This is something that then Candidate Clinton pushed in his 1992 Presidential Campaign and a concept he pushed as President. And why he was so in favor of Welfare to Work and signed that into law in 1996. Instead of having people on Public Assistance just be able to stay there indefinitely. They would go back to school, get themselves a good education and go to work.

If you just allow people in poverty to stay on Public Assistance and expect nothing from them. Do nothing to help them get themselves out of poverty, then they'll just stay in poverty. And remain dependent on Public Assistance to take care of them. Instead of getting themselves the skills that they need. To get off of Public Assistance, get themselves a good job and become Self Sufficient.