Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Adam Smith and the Follies of Central Planning": Why Freedom and Opportunity Works and Big Government Doesn't

Progressives are probably going to hate reading this but so what, because the last month or so. Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Progressives who support him, have been giving Progressivism a real bad name. And all they've have done is lived up to the negative stereotypes about Progressives, that they believe in Big Government and that they want to control how people live their lives. With the whole soda ban in New York and its not just Progressives who are guilty of Big Government as I've blogged before. They have just been more vocal lately and its not just the soda ban with Mayor Bloomberg but his crackdown on marijuana as well, targeting people that NYPD may believe. Are in possession or may have smoked marijuana, as if there isn't enough crime in New York. NYPD has to go after people for what they do with their own free time, what's next in NYC, they are going to ban candy or other junk food. Perhaps a City Curfew, because NYC can be dangerous late at night, its this whole notion that Big Government knows best or in New York's case, Uncle Mike knows best. And if you don't live life the way we want you to, Uncle Mike and his people are going to punish you for what you do to yourself.

They can get away with this in New York, because there are plenty of Progressives there who believe in that. But this represents why Progressives have had such a hard time getting elected in Statewide and even Nationally, they can't even get on National Tickets to one of the major parties anymore. Let alone get elected, because people are worried about all the new taxes and spending that they would have to pay for, if Progressives were ever put in power. Which works fine in France and Sweden and other places in Europe but Americans tend to want the freedom to live their own lives. And have government take care of the things that only they should really be doing and help people when they need it get on their feet but not try to control how Americans live their lives. Government should be there to protect our freedom and see that there's opportunity for people who need it, that opportunity but not try to control how we live or live the life that Progressives would want us to live.

Thats what this whole notion of Central Planning is about, Central meaning the Federal Government, Planning meaning controlling how people live. Progressivism use to as it related to Big Government, be about the economy, that taxes and Government Spending needed to be so high. To assure equality in the country and take care of people but the last ten years in New York and perhaps other places. Big Government Progressivism has gotten involved in peoples social lives as well and Americans tend not to want that but be free to live their own lives.