Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dueling Speeches: President Obama vs Mitt Romney On The Economy: Two Competing Visions as it should be

President Obama laid it out perfectly when he said that the economy isn't where it needs to be and no one is happy with it. And that this election will be about who can get the economy moving again, not by themselves obviously, no President can do that. Who has the best vision to move the economy, I hate to say it but forward, sorry Neoconservatives this election will not be about Same Sex Marriage or retuning America to the 1950s. As much as they try to make it about that, the Democrats will turn out to vote, Democrats whether they are still in love with the President or not. Understand this, the question is whether enough Republicans understand this for Mitt Romney to be elected President, someone who just wants to focus on the economy and Foreign Policy. But its a question of whether Neoconservatives who do want push Gay Marriage bans and other Constitutional Amendments, will allow him to do that. President Obama wants to make this election about where do we go from here, Governor Romney wants to focus on where we are now and when he talks about what he wants to do. Its hard to tell the differences if any, between him and President Bush, so he would prefer to talk about right now.

President Obama's strategy should be pretty simple, this is what the situation was when I took over, this is what I and Congress and have done about it. This is what we have accomplished together as a country, this is what I want to do in the future and I need to be reelected to accomplish this. And this is what we would get with Mitt Romney and a Republican Congress, which is what is assured would happen if Mitt is elected President. The more he tries to pass the blame around or act like George W. Bush is still President, which sounds good with partisan Democrats who are going to vote for him anyway. The more he turns off Independents who he also needs to vote for him, who'll be thinking but Mr. President where's you're responsibility here, what have you done about it, what's you're plan for the future. Mitt Romney should focus on the economy pure and simple and when he's asked what's his plan for the future, then offer ideas but remind Independents constantly of how bad things are right now.

I'm a Democrat obviously so the choice to me is clear and I know who I prefer, even though Barack Obama is not my dream choice for President. I would prefer Gary Johnson who better represents me ideologically as a Liberal but the President is a hell of a lot better then the Mitt. And I don't see Democrats and Republicans as members of the same party with different names, as some Progressives and Libertarians do.