Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Get Government out of Welfare Now!" An Interview with Star Parker: How to Replace the Welfare System

I do find it ironic that someone like Star Parker or anyone else would bash a system that they grew up on. Without Welfare Insurance, where were her family be, at least they had that and ended up not starving or homeless or growing up in foster homes that sorta thing. But Welfare Insurance is the very least that we can do as a country to help people who currently can't fend for themselves. The old Welfare Insurance System pre 1996 Welfare to Work, essentially allowed people to stay on Welfare indefinitely, until they found a job basically. But did little to nothing to help those people actually find jobs, unlike Unemployment Insurance where there's a limit to how long people can collect from it. And Unemployed Workers actually have to be looking for work and report on the progress they are making, with the old Welfare System, basically nothing was expected from you. If your kids have, well kids before they were ready to take care of them, following the example of their parents. And dropped out of High School or college to take care of them and not get a job, they would be on Welfare Insurance as well. But this is the very least we can be doing to help people in need, what we need to do instead is empower them to get on their feet.

What we did in 1996 with Welfare to Work, was set up a system where people on Welfare Insurance. Would get help getting them the skills that they need to be able to get a good job and go to work and get off of Welfare Insurance. Finishing High School, Financial Aid so they could go on to Community College or a Vocational School, as well as Childcare so they could do these things. While their kids are getting the supervision that they need, as well as help finding a job and we now have people who use to be on Welfare Insurance, now running and owning business's. As a result of Welfare to Work but we can go even farther then that and set up a system that empowers our Non Profit Community Service Sector, to take the load of helping people in need. Not just help with getting the basic essentials that people need to survive but Childcare, Job Training and Job Placement and get government out of the business of running Public Assistance and have them serve as a regulator instead.

The old Welfare Insurance system simply didn't work, we have sixty years experience that tells us that. With all of the families, generation after generation of people living off of Welfare Insurance one after another. Without much assistance if any to help these people get on their feet and off of Welfare. 1996 Welfare to Work has worked much better but we need to do much more then then and empower our Non Profits to carry more of the load which they want and are able to carry.