Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, June 22, 2012

GOP Governors vs Mitt Romney: Is The Economy Improving or still in Recession

If you listen to Mitt Romney and other National Republicans, you'll hear them say the economy is horrible. America is losing ground, we are about to fall off a "Fiscal Cliff", Obama Socialism or whatever they the President's Economic Policies aren't working. We are still in recession etc but if you listen to Republican Governors who are up for reelection either this year or in 2014, especially in Swing States. Like Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, things are getting better, they are improving, things were horrible the day before they became Governor but since they've been Governor. Because of Republican Policies that they can't either name or can relate to how they've made the economy better, things have gotten better under Republican watch. Its the old try to have it both ways, which is what politicians that are in office, try to do on a regular basis. Both parties do this because there are enough Americans dumb enough to buy it. If you are Mitt Romney and other National Republicans, to be frank the economy sucks right now. But if you are a Governor, its hard to make the economy sucks argument, because some of it has happened under you.

I've had my own experience with having it both ways, not that I've tried it myself but with people I've actually talked to on Facebook. Right Wingers who like to brag about how bad the economy is, until you present them with facts in how the economy is starting to improve and they've said. That we are still in recession and the only things that have led to the Economic Recovery, have to with the Private Sector and that President Obama deserves none of the credit for the Economic Recovery. But all of the blame for the recession, well you can't have it both ways, you can't be in an Economic Recovery and a recession at the same time. That would be like trying to ride a bike and drive a car at the same time, its one or the other. The Republican Governors that are trying to have it both ways on the economy right now, especially are both very unpopular. Rick Scott of Florida and Scott Walker of Wisconsin and the more they talk about how bad things are in their State, the worse they look.

Republicans have some options right now, speak the truth about the economy, things are still bad but better then they were in 2009. That aint happening, still try to have it both ways and try to fool enough people into voting for them, most likely scenario or option c. Things are horrible in the country right now, we are still going through a National Recession. Just not in my State where I'm Governor and up for reelection this year or in 2014, thats also a possibility.