Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, June 1, 2012

Harry Browne: Defining Morality: How People Should Look at Life

Libertarians and even Liberals to a certain extent are stereotyped as people who look at life, by saying "whatever works for you". Do whatever the hell you want to, do to others whatever the hell you want to as well, that there's no such thing as right and wrong. Well thats not Libertarian or Liberal, that would be Anarchist which is different, where under Anarchy there wouldn't be any Law. Whereas both Libertarians and Liberals believe in the Rule of Law, that yes we have to have Freedom and be able to live our own lives, otherwise we wouldn't be living in a Democracy. But that we need Rule of Law to govern the country, how we interact with each other. That government shouldn't tell us how to live our own lives, who we can marry, what Healthcare we can have and what New York City did yesterday, which was to ban Soft Drinks, at least to a certain extent. What we can do in the privacy of our own homes, that governments role is to regulate how we live amongst each other, so we don't hurt innocent people.

As a Liberal I believe in Freedom of Choice and Personal Responsibility, that we have the Freedom to live our own lives. But are responsible for the choices that we make in our own lives and aren't entitled to be bailed out when we make mistakes and should be rewarded for the good decisions that we make. And that people need to do what makes them happy first, not try to live the lives of other people, but literally what works for them, so long as they aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing. Because we are responsible for the decisions that we make and have to deal with all of them, good and bad, good consequences and bad consequences. I had a teacher in High School named Phil Slatkin, who now I respect a lot but at the time, I didn't appreciate him enough. Who was always talking about consequences and trying to teach us, that we better make good decisions, because we are going to be held responsible for whatever decisions we make.

Thats what morality is to me, live you're own life the way you want to and the best way you can. Because you only get one crack at it, so you might as well live it the best way you can and make the best decisions you can, as well as treat people the way you want to be treated. And you'll be able to live the best life that you can, that government can't tell us how to live but can come down on us, when we hurt innocent people.