Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, June 25, 2012

Is Solitary Confinement a Form of Torture?: How We Should Be Dealing With Our Most Challenging Prison Inmates

If you are interested in Crime and Punishment and even Reality TV, not Celebrity Contests, which is essentially what Reality TV has become. But real Reality TV, about what goes on in life and how people live their lives, then I suggest you checkout MSNCB Lockup, which airs on the weekend. That goes inside of some of America's toughest prisons, I wish they would get into Private Prisons but perhaps in the future, as well as Federal Prisons. But MSNCB Lockup, as well as the Criminal Investigation Network, American Justice on BIO, Lockdown on Nat Geo, Discovery ID has a show as well. They go into these prisons and show people who aren't in prison, what life is like behind bars, for thousands of our Prison Inmates. And they pay special attention to life in Solitary Confinement, where we house our most challenging Prison Inmates, a lot cases people with mental problems. Who perhaps should be in Mental Institutions instead and people who haven't given up their Criminal Careers, just because they are in prison and don't feel they should have to obey rules. Inside or outside of prison and end up getting into fights, attacking other inmates, running Criminal Enterprises while in prison etc.

Solitary Confinement again is for our most challenging Prison Inmates and they are confine in one cell by themselves. For at least twenty three hours a day, I don't have a problem with this part for our challenging Prison Inmates, people who essentially have behavior problems. As long as they are getting treatment while in this situation and essentially treated as having a behavior that needs to be corrected, instead of just warehoused there indefinitely, so they can't do any damage. In General Population but here's my issues with Solitary Confinement. Twenty three hours a day or more of Solitary Confinement, with three sometimes two meals a day and not enough food to actually fill the average person up. And real low quality food at that, stuff you might feed the dog or something, with nothing to do all day, a lot of time confined in bare cells, where they are not even allowed reading material. Where its too cold in the winter and too hot in summer, in some cases, like a show I saw focusing on an Alabama prison, where it can get to a hundred degrees in the summer, in the cell, no AC or anything. Alabama summers are hot enough with AC.

Its not Solitary Confinement to me by itself thats the problem, people who abuse and attack innocent inmates and staff. Deserve to be isolated until their behavior is corrected, its what we've done with Solitary Confinement thats the problem. Where we are essentially warehousing people, so they can't hurt people in General Population, which just make the problem worse and makes these people even more angry. What we should be doing with Solitary Confinement, is make it rehabilitative, so inmates can get the treatment they need to correct their behavior.