Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is There a Silver Lining to the Supreme Court's Obamacare Decision: Libertarians Respond to the Supreme Court Decision On The ACA

There are a couple things that Libertarians can take away from the Supreme Court ruling on the ACA today. That it wasn't Constitutional under the Commerce Clause, which will make it difficult for Progressives to expand the Federal Government and its power as it relates to the economy in the future. Which as a Liberal myself I agree with because I don't like Big Government Progressivism either, so if somehow it snowed in Los Angeles in the next ten years or so. In lets say July and Progressives run Congress and the White House, someone like Bernie Sanders is President of the United States. And they try to push a Medicare For All Single Payer Health Insurance System, because of this decision will have a hard time doing that under the Commerce Clause. Because the ACA which is more Liberal then Socialist and very moderate, with some Conservative aspects to it, compared with Medicare For All. Wasn't ruled Constitutional under the Commerce Clause today and also the Medicaid Provision, that if the Feds are going to force States to cover more people with Medicaid Health Insurance, they have to pay for it.

So as I see it, there are victories all across the board with this Supreme Court and some losses for Right Wingers and Progressives. Liberals get the ACA and more Americans will be able to get Health Insurance they can afford, as well as keep their Health Insurance. And still keep their choice in where they get their Health Insurance from, Conservatives win on Judicial Restraint. That its not the job of the Supreme Court to throw out laws based on policy, only if they are Unconstitutional, Progressives win because 30M more Americans will now have Health Insurance. And get help from the Federal Government to pay for it and Libertarians win because even though the ACA was ruled Constitutional, just not under the Commerce Clause. Which is how a lot of Federal Social Insurance Programs have been ruled Constitutional in the past. Progressives lose because this shows we can cover just about everyone in the country with Health Insurance, without having to have Medicare For All.

Republicans lose today because this is a big victory for the President, his landmark achievement so far domestically. And he can now tell Americans, especially Independents about the popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act and if Mitt Romney tries to use that against him. President Obama will be able to point out that the ACA is similar to what he passed in Massachusetts as Governor that he supports and the President will be right.