Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, June 8, 2012

Labor, Money & Scott Walker: Lessons From The Wisconsin Recall: The Decline of Influence of Organize Labor in America

I support the Right to Organize, I always have and always will as a Liberal Democrat. But again its a Right, not a Mandate workers don't have to Organize. And one of the problems that Organize Labor is facing in America, whether they are Private or Public Workers, that as much as this may be hard to believe. With the economy right now, the country is progressing and the need for Blue Collar jobs, isn't as great as it use to be at least in America and more American Workers are moving from Blue Collar jobs to White Collar jobs. And don't feel the need for Organize Labor, because they believe they can negotiate their own deals and contracts and can get a better deal and contract. Then a Labor Union can do for all of the workers working together and don't believe they should have to make the same amount of money as Joe or John, Mary, Sally or whoever, especially if they are more productive. Just because they are all members of the same Labor Union and believe they can get a better deal on their own.

Right now Organize Labor at least in the Private Sector, is losing to progress and the market, where for support for Organize Labor is still strong with Public Workers. But their ability to influence elections in Wisconsin and other places, is in decline. I'll always be in favor of the Right to Organize, even though I don't support a lot of the Economic Agenda of its Leadership, they are a bit to the left of me, to put it mildly. Just as long as it remains a Right and not and not a Mandate and for Organize Labor to remain relevant or become more relevant in America. They are going to have to adapt and be able to communicate a message, that speaks to a broader base then just Blue Collar workers, because Blue Collar jobs are in decline and have been declining.

What we saw in Wisconsin is that even though a majority or more of Wisconsinites don't like heir Governor, they approve of Scott Walker over his opponents and the ability of Organize Labor to influence elections is in decline.