Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mitt Romney: 'America Is On The Cusp Of Having A Government Run Economy': The World of Mitt Romney, Far, Far Away

I generally only blog about Political Satire on the weekends and save the weekdays to blog about the top 4-5 news stories, at least according to me each day. But this is Thursday and the last two days, I've seen two people say just strange crazy things about the President, that I thought were worth blogging about. One by a Democrat and two by a Republican, one a former President, who still wants to be President and when he forgets to take his medication, still believes he's President, in Bill Clinton. And the other a wannabe President who's spent half of a decade running for President, a job he'll never have and you heard that first, if you are listening. Bill Clinton going off message about the Tax Cuts, suggesting the President should consider raising them before the Presidential Election, Tax Hikes in an election year, when you are already in a close election . Good thing Barack Obama didn't listen to Bill Clinton in 2008, I mean they would be the first chapter in a book on how not to run for President, right after declaring you were born in Japan or some other foreign country to foreign parents. And also by the way you are not even an American Citizen, you just play one on TV.

And of course my favorite Punching Bag of 2012, ever since Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum ended their Presidential Campaigns. Granted Mitt Romney is my favorite Punching Bag by default but he still counts, announcing on Wednesday that President Obama slowed down the Economic Recovery on purpose. He also said in the Republican Presidential Debates, that President Obama's goal is to ruin the American Economy, so we can have more people dependent on Public Assistance. Apparently Governor Romney is unaware that the health of the American Economy, will determine whether President Obama is reelected or not and that its in President Obama's best interest to have the strongest economy possible. And today Mitt suggested that President Obama wants the Federal Government to control 50% of the economy, I mean come on Outer Space might be exciting and all of that. Especially for all you Star Trek fanatics, I mean fans but get real.

How about a break from the Science Fiction and come back to Earth once in awhile, just for a visit if nothing else. This type of rhetoric plays well with the Far Right, people who believe that Barack Obama is a Kenyan Citizen, an African Muslin Atheist Socialist, notice that at least two of those words don't go together. But people who believe this have their own planet, far, far and away, that perhaps only Superman can reach and they come to Earth to, for one probably just to get away from each other and two to see what humans are like. And they represent a fringe so small group, that couldn't fill up a Phone Booth, when you make statements like this, you are held accountable for them. They get played over and over and you are asked constantly if you stand by them, perhaps in ten different ways. This is what happened to Rick Santorum, when he was under the impression or influence, depending on how you look at, that he was only speaking to Far Right crowds and that only they would only report what he said.

When Mitt Romney gives speeches like this, he should only give them on Romney World or wherever the hell he's from, Mexico or wherever. And hope that he's not being watched by Americans with Satellite TV, reporting back to Planet Earth, exactly what he said, because all Presidential Candidates are held accountable for what they say, good or bad. To see if that person actually believes what they said.