Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recalls, Libertarian Paternalism, & The Differences Between The Tea Party and Libertarians: Simple Libertarian vs Neoconservative

The main difference between the Tea Party right now and Libertarians, is pretty simple, Limited Freedom cutting parts of the Federal Government. Except for Corporate Welfare and the Defense Budget, vs Individual Freedom and Limited Government, that Economic Freedom is just not enough that Americans should be able to live their own lives, even if Neoconservatives don't approve of how we are living. Again as long as we are not hurting anyone with what we are doing vs people who take the attitude, you are either with us or against us, you are a Conservative in their minds or you don't matter and aren't even a real American. The difference between Fascism and Free Speech, liberty vs authoritarianism, a Free Society vs a Statist Regime for people who think and live their lives like the Tea Party. The Tea Party didn't start out that way three and half years ago, back then they were made of real Fiscal Conservatives, who believed in cutting Government Waste across the board. Including in the Defense Budget and in Corporate Welfare and there were even Libertarians in this movement, people like Rand Paul.

Thats not where the Tea Party is today thats basically been taken over by Neoconservatives. I'm not a Libertarian but a Liberal Democrat but if I wasn't a Liberal but with the same Political Ideology and lets say Progressives takeover the Democratic Party. I would be a Libertarian or a Liberal Independent, perhaps working to form a new Liberal Party that would take on Progressives and Republicans. But I could never be a Republican in today's Republican Party, a Party that now expects everyone to agree on everything or they aren't real Republicans or Conservatives. People who today are considered Moderate Republicans, like Senator Olympia Snowe and Senator Dick Lugar, thirty years ago, which is actually not that along ago, I remember it. Would be considered Conservatives because they believe in getting Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms and in a strong National Defense.

Thats not the Republican Party today, which is why Libertarians are now either members of the Libertarian Party or are Libertarian Independents. But aren't Republicans because the GOP has moved so far to the right and has now become a Far Right Statist Religious and Neoconservative Party and not even much of a Republican Party anymore. Those are the main differences between Libertarians and the Tea Party today.