Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, June 18, 2012

Republicans Fire Away At President Obama Over Immigration Policy Change: If President Obama is For it, the GOP is Against it

Republicans attacking President Obama over Immigration Reform is nothing new, about as old as Big Band music or something, The Statue of Liberty. Its just sorta of the way that they do it and how they've approached anything that President Obama has put on the table, including positions they once held. Like the Healthcare Mandate, Full Disclosure in Political Campaigns. Tax Reform where we would close Tax Loopholes in exchange for lowering Tax Rates, eliminating Corporate Welfare or at least cutting it. Something that the Tea Party was in favor of at least at first, until they saw it might actually might pass and not be able to use it against the President. Immigration Reform and the Dream Act, are just latest examples, positions that both President Reagan and W. Bush supported or supported something similar to back in the day. I can handle the fact that they have a hard time with acknowledging that Barack Obama is even President of the United States. They generally refer it him as Obama, Barack Obama or use his whole name, to make him sound like a Muslim. And after that they'll accuse him of being an Atheist, I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Not all Republicans are disrespectful towards the President, the GOP Leadership has been responsible here, House Speaker Boehner generally refers to President Obama as the President or President Obama. Sen Minority Leader McConnell does the same thing and so does Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney but their Lower Class members lets say, are pretty childish in how they treat a President. But what do you expect from a Kindergarten Class of Republicans. The GOP use to be a party of good ideas, that was a truly Fiscally Conservative Party, that was against all government waste and overreach. Including in defense and Corporate Welfare and other parts of the Tax Code, that had the motto, the government thats closest to home and governs least. Is the best government, that was Conservative on Social Issues at least in the classical sense. That it wasn't governments job to tell people how to live our lives, that Americans had to figure these things out ourselves.

The GOP use to be a party of good ideas, not all of them, I'm not a Republican but on some of these Fiscal Policy issues. They've been right all along, like deficits and debts do matter, that there's a limit to what even the Federal Government can do and spend, before it causes problems. That we can't Tax and Spend our way to prosperity and so fourth. The GOP was a party of ideas like on Welfare, Tax and Immigration Reform, as well as Healthcare Reform, Democrats like the President have embraced them. But now the GOP is a party of campaigns and power, we use to have all of the power, we were kicked out twice and now we want all the power back, the House of Representatives is not enough. To the point where if Democrats are for it, they are against it, if President Obama came out for the Flat Tax, they would call it a Tax Hike. If President Obama came out for increasing the Defense Budget, they would call that wasteful Washington spending and you can go down the line.

America needs two strong parties, I would argue we need more then two, we need a real Ruling Party, which is what we have with Democrats. And we need a real Opposition Party, an Opposition thats just not against things to be against them but lays out alternatives to what the President puts on the table. And can work with the other side, when they embrace their ideas and we don't have that right now.