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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Monday, June 4, 2012

"What's Really Wrong with Entitlements": What the Libertarian Approach Should be on Social Insurance

One of the reasons why Libertarians have failed to gain broader support the last forty years, is because they've spent all of this time. Running against things that people support and believe should exist, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance and Medicare and have failed to come up with an alternative message. The argument that these programs are Unconstitutional, have already been lost in court, these programs are here to say, not even Neoconservatives are dumb enough to eliminate these programs. Because of the political risk that would be at stake, you stole my Medicare etc, I hate you and you are fired! Which is what happens every time someone attempts to eliminate, cut or privatize these programs. Thats a big reason how President Clinton got reelected in 1996, running as the savior of Social Insurance and that the evil Republicans are trying to steal these programs from you. So thats what Libertarians are up against and always have been up against, which is why if they ever want to be taken seriously as a party and a movement. They have to come up with a message that doesn't scare non Libertarians, which is most of the country and a message that non Libertarians that can get behind, while still being Libertarian.

This will be the third blog that I've mentioned Gary Johnson, who's the Libertarian Nominee for President. But he's the only legitimate alternative to President Obama, someone I could take serious enough and even consider voting for President. Actually he better represents my politics then President Obama, who's more of a Moderate Liberal, then a Liberal Democrat. Where politically Gary Johnson looks more like a Liberal Democrat then a Libertarian. And Governor Johnson understands that for Libertarians to be taken seriously, especially for President, they need a new message, something thats not Classical Libertarian. Something thats still based on Individual Liberty and Limited Government and Private Capitalism and where we have the Freedom to live our own lives and take care of ourselves. But instead of blowing up the Safety Net, Governor Johnson is interested in decentralizing the Safety Net and using it to empower people who need it.

The path forward for the Libertarian Party to be taken seriously in American Politics, is for them not to sound like, Democrats, Republicans or Centrists. But to sound and be Libertarian but in a way that doesn't scare anyone, where I can't vote for that candidate, because they are going to take this from me. But to communicate an alternative message to Progressivism, thats about empowering people who need it, not taking from people who've earned what they have.