Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder Calls Voter ID Laws 'Poll Taxes': The Problems with these Voter ID Laws

All these Voter ID Laws that Republican Governors and others around the country are solutions, bad solutions if that, in search of a problem. Even though Republicans say that Voter Fraud is a huge problem around this country, notice they only make these claims when Democrats win. They can't actually point to examples of Voter Fraud, its like say that the kitchen is empty or low on food and that automatically means. Someone is stealing the food and lets say three or more people live in this home and not realizing or even considering you may be low on food, because one of you or all three of you have been pretty hungry lately. Maybe there was a big storm that kept you all at home, maybe you threw a party, this is what these Voter ID Laws are, bad solutions in search of problems. And they'll probably end up getting thrown out because they are Unconstitutional because they target Democrats and people who tend to vote Democrat, who don't always carry more then one form of id on them. Young people who tend to be Democrats and in a lot of cases only carry their Student ID on them and Republicans knowing this people who understand American Politics and what Republicans need to win elections.

I don't like to question other peoples motives, especially people on the other side of the isle and Political Spectrum. But these Voter ID Laws have politics written all over them and I'm just going to throw out a theory in why Republicans are attempting to pass these laws now. Not saying this is why they are doing this, just putting a theory out there. Two Right Wing writers in the last few months have said they don't believe young adults should be allowed to vote. Both Ann Coulter and Jonah Goldberg have said this and here's why or why I believe they've believe this and it also goes to the possible motivation of these Voter ID Laws. Republicans and Democrats both understand the changing demographics in this country, that we are becoming more minority, more younger and more Liberal-Libertarian as a country. Which is good news for Democrats that tend to score well with these groups and bad news for Republicans.

The easiest way to win an election is for the other side not to vote, if you don't have any competition or enough competition, you win. And Republicans understand this and know the changing demographics don't look good for them, especially as they move farther to the right politically. And have become a Neoconservative party, so their best bet to winning in the future in their small minds, is to prevent the other side from voting, thats what these Voter ID Laws are about, or thats at least my theory.