Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, July 23, 2012

Freedomworks' Matt Kibbe on the Hostile Takeover of The GOP: How The Tea Party is Taking Down the GOP

If the Tea Party message was truly about the Federal Government is too big and the bigger it gets, the less freedom Americans have. Type of movement a truly Conservative Republican Movement that Barry Goldwater and others brought to the national scene in the 1960s. Then I would have respect for it, because that would tell me that Republicans now actually believe again that Big Government is too big and has moved back to Goldwater/Reagan Conservatism. But thats not where the Tea Party has been the last year or so and its not just the Michelle Bachmann's of the World either. The last year or so the Tea Party's message has been, that the Federal Government spends too much money. And that Americans have too much Social Freedom, so we have to past laws, Constitutional Amendments even to limit how Americans can live their own lives and force Americans to live like us. If the Tea Party was truly an anti Big Government, instead Limited Government movement, then they would've endorsed. Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or Jon Huntsman or Buddy Roemer for President, instead of first endorsing Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and later Rick Santorum for President. The last three all having serious ties to Big Government Republicans.

This spokesman for Freedom Works a Tea Party Political Advocacy Group, run by former House Leader Dick Army. Is right that Establishment Republicans are still running the Republican Party when it comes to Fiscal Policy, that House Republican might want to spend less money then Democrats. But want to spend more money then Democrats in other areas, that House Republicans talk like Fiscal Conservatives but that talk of course is cheap as the old saying goes. But they don't govern like Fiscal Conservatives, no cuts in the Defense Budget even in areas where we can afford to spend less money. No serious Entitlement Reform that actually solves those problems and no Tax Reform, that House Republicans idea of Fiscal Conservatism, is to concentrate on around on. 15% of the Federal Budget, where they aren't going to get much push back except from Progressives, on some fairly small Social Programs compared with the rest of the Federal Budget.

In 2009-10 the Tea Party was about the Federal Government is too big, takes too much of our freedom from us and we need to downsize it. To now that we don't have enough Jesus in our lives as a country and that homosexuality is a threat to National Security, according to Michelle Bachmann. And we need to limit the freedom of Americans to have a truly secure and moral society, two different messages coming from the Tea Party.